Brand New Funny T Shirts For Men At Lush T Shirts

Well September is here and we have some brand new designs for you guys! If you’re looking for a laugh, then the joke can literally be on you in our latest designs. Inspired from our favourite humour, drinking, sarcasm and just general slogans and phrases we love to make, here’s some of our favourite funny designs which we’ve added to the site for this season.

Drinks Well With Others T Shirt

If you need a drinking buddy then our Drinks Well With Others top will entice those around you and know you’re all about a good time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s beer, gin, whisky or rum, whatever your tipple, people will know that you love alcohol. Get this design here.

Please Don’t Talk To Me I’m Only Here For The Food Shirt

When you go to an event, function of family do, it’s often that they put on food or a bit of a buffet. Why would you want to socialise and chat to people when you’ve only come for the food? If that sounds like something you’d do, then this hilarious slogan top is the design for you. It will certainly get people talking, and they’ll find this one amusing, probably because they’re thinking it, but you’re actually saying it. Buy this here.

And Yet Despite The Look On My Face You’re Still Talking T Shirt

We’ve all been in one of those situations where someone just keeps talking and doesn’t take the hint, reading your body language and you’re face. If they’re really stupid, then the only way to get your point across might be wearing this T-shirt. And Yet, Despite The Look On My Face, You’re Still Talking is a T-shirt which people will be laughing at as soon as they read it, it creates an instant statement is perfect for a party or work situation. You can be wearing this top by getting it here.

I Don’t Like Mornings Or People Or Morning People T Shirt

This works well on a Monday after the weekend back to work. Our I Don’t Like Morning People, Or Mornings, Or People T Shirt will get the message across that you’re really not feeling very sociable, or maybe not a social person at all. If you’re known as a bit of a grumpy person, wear this, and people will understand. Get this T-shirt here.

And there you have it, our favourite brand new funny T Shirts for the first half of September. Check out the whole collection of funny T-shirts over here, where you’ll find over 12 brand new designs which we’ve added this week.