Brand New Women’s Slogan T Shirts For Summer 2016 At Lush

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We’ve added some brand new Women’s slogan T Shirts to our range, ready for Summer 2016. If you’re looking to make a statement and add some fresh new tops to your wardrobe, Lush T Shirts has your back. Our latest designs will make you laugh, make you smile and you’ll look fantastic in our shirts. We’ve taken inspiration from life, popular culture and everything we find funny, and incorporated those ethos into the collection. Here’s a couple of our favourites, let’s have a closer look at them.

Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt

Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt

If you love a drop of the sparkling wine from Italy, and who doesn’t, this is the design for you. Getting drunk on Prosecco is cool, but could cause you to get a little bit naughty. Who ever said Prosecco was for special occasions? If you love a tipple, you can get the Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt from us here.

My Cat Doesn't Like You T Shirt

My Cat Doesn’t Like You T Shirt

Everyone has a cat these days, and everyone loves them….But cats can be weird, and sometimes they don’t play well with others. If you’re cat has taken a dislike to your friend, boyfriend or someone you know, this quote will let them know. A hilarious statement which is spread out over five lines with each word on it’s own line, giving the design easy readability. Buy this shirt here.

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting T Shirt

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting T Shirt

Living the good life like a Princess? It can be a tiring thing to do. If this sounds like you then this top is a perfect thing to be wearing this Summer. Great for a night out or a girls holiday, make sure you’ve got yourself this top. Get yours right here.

It's not you it's your eyebrows T Shirt

It’s Not You It’s Your Eyebrows T Shirt

These days it’s all about your eyebrows, they really do say everything and speak volumes. If you aren’t on fleek, there’ll be a whole mess of problems. Let everyone know about their eyebrow game with this slogan design, it will definitely get some laughs. Shop for this T-shirt here.

The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer T Shirt

The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer T Shirt

If you are looking a bit tired, then this phrase will make you laugh and will ring true. The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer is a hilarious way to let people know you’re looking a little bit worse for wear, but in true glam girl style, those bags under your eyes are designer. It’s a funny statement, and probably true too. You can get yourself this design here.

Remember that all our women’s T Shirts come in a range of 5 colours, red, black, sky blue, white and pink, and are available in five sizes, small to XXL. You can check out the complete collection of our Women’s T Shirts here, we’re sure you’ll find plenty which will make it into your wardrobe this season and beyond.

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