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Brand New Funny Mens Tees For Autumn

Hey guys!

So we’re well into Autumn now, and what better way to show that than one of our brand new designs. We’ve put a lot of focus into our Funny T Shirts for this Autumn, with jokes, statements and plain old laugh out loud humour in our designs. Wanna see what I’m talking about? Here’s a couple of my favourites from the collection.

Just One More Episode I Promise T Shirt

We’re in the age of Netflix, Amazon Video and on demand streaming. Gone are the days where you had to wait an entire week to watch the next episode of your favourite show. That has lead to binge watching, and once you’ve seen one, you want another, and another, and soon enough most of the day or night is over. Just One More Episode, I Promise is a T-shirt which will probably explain a lot in your life. Get this T-shirt here.

Smugface T Shirt

We’ve all got one, we love to get it out. We’re talking about the Smugface. When someone tries to prove you wrong and it turns out they’re the ones who are wrong and your right, it’s time to bring out the Smugface. This design comes with the slogan and an arrow pointing upwards, so people are in no doubt where your smug face actually is. Shop for this here.

Be Happy – It Drives Miserable People Crazy

Some people are just sad and miserable, and it’s depressing. Be Happy, It Drives Miserable People Crazy is a hilarious statement T-shirt which lets people know exactly what you think and where you stand with them. The world needs more happiness, and wearing this will get plenty of laughs. Get it now.

I Thought You Were Different

When a girl thinks you’re great and then decides you’re the same as all the other guys, even when you’re not. The phrase you may here is, I Thought You Were Different. We’ve put that well known statement on a tee which you can wear ironically (or not) on your next night out, and flip the script. The slogan is printed in a bold, easy to read style which will really hammer home the message. Get this here ready for the weekend.

I Don’t Have Time For This

There’s only so many hours in the day, and you don’t want to waste any of them. I Don’t Have Time For This is a funny top which explains it all. Why would you want to use your precious time on something or someone when you could be spending the time better!? If that’s the message you want to send across, do it in this design. Get it for yourself here.

Brand New Funny T Shirts For Men At Lush T Shirts

Well September is here and we have some brand new designs for you guys! If you’re looking for a laugh, then the joke can literally be on you in our latest designs. Inspired from our favourite humour, drinking, sarcasm and just general slogans and phrases we love to make, here’s some of our favourite funny designs which we’ve added to the site for this season.

Drinks Well With Others T Shirt

If you need a drinking buddy then our Drinks Well With Others top will entice those around you and know you’re all about a good time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s beer, gin, whisky or rum, whatever your tipple, people will know that you love alcohol. Get this design here.

Please Don’t Talk To Me I’m Only Here For The Food Shirt

When you go to an event, function of family do, it’s often that they put on food or a bit of a buffet. Why would you want to socialise and chat to people when you’ve only come for the food? If that sounds like something you’d do, then this hilarious slogan top is the design for you. It will certainly get people talking, and they’ll find this one amusing, probably because they’re thinking it, but you’re actually saying it. Buy this here.

And Yet Despite The Look On My Face You’re Still Talking T Shirt

We’ve all been in one of those situations where someone just keeps talking and doesn’t take the hint, reading your body language and you’re face. If they’re really stupid, then the only way to get your point across might be wearing this T-shirt. And Yet, Despite The Look On My Face, You’re Still Talking is a T-shirt which people will be laughing at as soon as they read it, it creates an instant statement is perfect for a party or work situation. You can be wearing this top by getting it here.

I Don’t Like Mornings Or People Or Morning People T Shirt

This works well on a Monday after the weekend back to work. Our I Don’t Like Morning People, Or Mornings, Or People T Shirt will get the message across that you’re really not feeling very sociable, or maybe not a social person at all. If you’re known as a bit of a grumpy person, wear this, and people will understand. Get this T-shirt here.

And there you have it, our favourite brand new funny T Shirts for the first half of September. Check out the whole collection of funny T-shirts over here, where you’ll find over 12 brand new designs which we’ve added this week.

Our New Men’s Funny T Shirts For May

Hey guys!

Last time we showcased our brand new women’s T Shirts and now it’s the turn for the guys, with our brand new men’s funny t-shirts. As always, our designs are slogan based, and come with hilarious quotes, sayings, phrases and statements. There’s plenty to choose from, and we’ve gone for a variety of different styles and occasions you’d wear these tops. From a casual Friday at work, to a night out with the lads, where most of the designs really fit in. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite designs.

You Can't Spell Handsome Without Me T Shirt

You Can’t Spell Handsome Without Me – We love this top, the message is quite obvious and is straight to the point. It’s one of those designs which will get people’s attention, and once they’ve got the joke, it will make them laugh.

Beer O'Clock T Shirt

Beer O’clock – If you love drinking then it’s probably always beer o’clock. This design will work in the office, so you can let all your colleagues know that you’re always up for a pint after work. The design comes in a digital style, just like an alarm clock so the print makes perfect sense.

Nobody’s Ugly After 2AM – This slogan is all about the club. When you’ve been drinking all night long, and it comes to closing time and you want to go home with a girl but you have left it all too late, nobody is ugly after 2AM. That’s what this statement is all about, and if you’ve ever been in a club slightly sober near closing time, you’ll have seen this happen.

I’m Lost – Please Take Me Home With You – A really funny T Shirt for you to be wearing if you’re on a night out with the lads. If you want to attract the attention of girls, this will make them laugh, and they may even end up taking you home with them. The perfect ice breaker if you’re in a bar or a club, you need to be wearing this design.

Awesome Ends With Me Ugly Starts With U – This phrase will have you laughing immediately. You can pull off this design if you have a good sense of humour, It’s funny because it’s true, awesome does end with me, and ugly starts with a U. If you have a bit of attitude you could wear this top on a night out and it will get people talking.

That’s five of our favourite brand new additions for May. You can find these and a whole load more in our funny T Shirts collections here, let us know which design is your favourite.

Funny Men’s T Shirts For August

We have updated our men’s funny t shirts range for August, and added over fifteen designs to our collections, giving you some brand new, fresh designs and slogans to get your hands on. As usual, all our T Shirts are available in up to ten sizes, with a whole host of different design features. There’s bound to be one which tickles your fancy, here’s a closer look at a couple of our favourites.

Welcome to Loserville – Population: YOU!


This is quite an offensive design, but given to the right group of friends it will get a laugh. Loserville population you is probably not one you’d want to wear yourself, it would make a great present for your friend for a birthday or other event. The loserville print is written in a handwritten style, and looks like a great graphic, with the rest being in a standard bold font.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle


A hilarious printed top, this slogan really speaks volumes. The Single and too socially awkward to mingle T Shirt looks amazing in white with the slogan printed in a piercing blue, and really stands out with the phrase written across five lines. Wear this out, and it’s almost guaranteed to get a few laughs, and who knows, it may even spark a conversation.

There is no we in pizza


If you are a pizza lover then you know that they are not for sharing. There is no we in pizza is a funny T Shirt which explains that, not that it needs explaining. “WE” is printed on it’s own line in a much larger style to get your point across, and people will know that you’re not in a sharing mood, there’s no such thing as sharing when it comes to pizza.

I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes, Song Lyrics And Sarcasm

Light Grey

This funny t shirt has a slogan print which we can all relate to. If you are the kind of person with quotes from films and song lyrics in your head, and you’re not adverse to a bit of sarcasm, this design is right up your street. Printed in a list formatted type, it’s easy to read and understand, and is instantly hilarious.

Brand New Funny Slogan Vests For Summer


We have been hard at work at Lush T Shirts to bring you the best in the form of some hilarious slogan vests for this summer season. It’s already in full swing, and we’re right near the middle of the summer season, so it’s the perfect time to get your vest game on. The weather is beautiful, it’s warm and sunny, and if you’re going away on holiday then it’s the perfect time to get yourself a vest for your trip abroad! Here’s a couple of our favourite vests which are available to buy right now.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle Vest


A really funny slogan, single and too socially awkward to mingle is a vest top for those who are a bit on the shy side. You can get it in white, with electric blue coloured slogan which looks really cool and will be perfect for a night on the town or a bar crawl on holiday.

Happy Wife Happy Life Vest


A slogan for any husband to live by. You really need to make this your statement for life if you want to keep the missus happy. It’s the key to any successful marriage, happy wife, happy life. You can get this top which has the slogan printed on two lines from us today, and let everyone know who’s the boss in your household.

Zero Fucks Given Vest


For those that don’t care, that don’t give a shit and do as they please, our Zero Fucks Given vest is the one to have. The statement has each word on separate lines which gives maximum exposure to the statement, and you can really get your message across. It comes in black or white, and it will get you noticed.

Those are just a couple of our vest tops, all of which you can find here. Here at Lush T Shirts we now do sizes small all the way up to XXL so there’s a size which will suit you. All tops come in either black or white, with the design and graphics created specially for these vest tops.

Which is your favourite?

Brand New Men’s Slogan T Shirts

We’ve added some great brand new slogan T shirts for men this week at Lush 🙂 Slogan tees are the backbone of what we do, and we love the simplicity of text on a shirt. Whether it’s making a statement, telling a joke, a cool quote or just one or two key words, phrases on shirts are here, and here to stay. We’ve been getting our print on with these designs, which are inspired by everything from humour to pop culture and have been created for your enjoyment. Let’s look at a couple of our favourites this week.

Cash Only T Shirt


A cool statement t shirt is our cash only shirt. With the slogan printed in a large style with both words on individual lines, it’s a clear and simple message. We’ve been out and about in bars and clubs which have these cash only signs, meaning they aren’t taking credit cards. Cash is king as they say, and we love all that paper! 😉

Zero Fucks Given T Shirt


Those who like a bit of an offensive slogan t shirt will like this one. If you’re looking for something a little more edgy with a bit of attitude, the Zero Fucks Given top will fit the bill. This design is no-nonsense, with the slogan written in a large style of writing and will really get your message across that you really don’t give a damn. It looks really cool in black, with contrasting white text.

I’m On The List T Shirt


If you’re a bit of a VIP or player then you’ll probably be on the list. Great for going out clubbing, don’t be one of the fools standing around in the queue waiting to get into the place, if you’re on the list your in. If your names not down you’re not coming in is a recognisable phrase, well as long as you’re wearing this design people will know how important you are. Our I’m on the list T Shirt features print which is really easy to read and understand, many will gaze with amazement at this top.

And there you have it, three of our favourite brand new slogan t shirts. All are available right now at Lush T Shirts, in a large selection of sizes you’ll find them in up to ten colours, so you’ll easily be able to find one in your favourite style.

Father’s Day At Lush T Shirts

The day is almost here! The day for the big guy, I’m talking of course about father’s day. The date this year to mark down on your calendar is Sunday 21st June, and you probably have your dad something already right… 😉

Well if you haven’t then we are here to help! Forget the socks and boxers, why not treat your dad to some funny father’s day T Shirts from us at Lush? We have styles, slogans and graphics which he’ll love; From the hilarious funny jokes on shirts, to some designs which are more sentimental. Another thing we’re doing this year are personalised father’s day T Shirts. We have a few designs which you can personalise and add a year or your dad’s name to the shirt, making the gift totally unique and special for him on the big day.

Some of the favourites we’re loving at the moment are:

I Am Your Father

I Am Your Father

The I Am Your Father T Shirt is something he’ll love if the force is strong with him. Printed in a golden yellow hollow print, it really stands out and he’ll love this joke on a tee.

Best Dad Rosette

Best Dad Rosette

What’s better than a rosette or badge? A printed rosette on a tee of course! 😀 Here we have the best dad rosette T-Shirt, complete with a cool printed graphic on the breast in a slightly large style, it will be easy to read and look pretty funny.

The Old Man – Personalised Father’s Day T Shirt


This is one of our favourite designs. The slogan reads The Old Man, A True Vintage Year, and comes with a personalised printed year of your choice. It has fancy graphics printed within the design, which really sets it off and gives it maximum impact. Get this one for your dad and make it a totally unique gift with your own custom year.

Those are our three top T Shirts for father’s day this year. We have a whole load more in our collections, all come in an array of colours and in sizes Small all the way up to XXL. We advise the last date for UK delivery in time for the big day is Tuesday 16th June, so make sure you get your order in now and you’ll have it in plenty of time for Sunday 21st 🙂

This Week’s Cool Men’s Slogan T Shirts

We’ve got some really cool and new men’s slogan t shirts in store for you today. The theme is very simple, the text is made up of statements which may be on your mind. If you want to express yourself in the form of a cotton top, then we’ve got some great designs for you. Let’s check out what they are below:

Do You Know Who I Am T-Shirt

Make a bold statement in this shirt, the slogan reads Do You Know Who I Am? This is an ironic style of phrase for those kind of guys with a sense of humour and a great deal of self-importance. The print is distinctive and large, which will cover most of the shirt.

Does He Make You Laugh T-Shirt

A tee for the lovers, this is a phrase which will hit you hard. Does he make you laugh? is all about sending a message to a girl who’s got a boyfriend with no personality whatsoever. The slogan is printed with a smaller style lettering, spaced out to create a cool effect.

You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow T-Shirt

This is one of our funny slogan t shirts, and we can’t stop laughing at it. The You’ve Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow T-Shirt is a design which cat lovers will enjoy quite a bit. Even if you aren’t a fan of felines, you’ll still love this hilarious printed design. The top has the key words printed in a larger style which makes the print stand out.

All of these are available right now in the store. You can choose from up to ten colours and five sizes, so there’s one which will be the perfect size and colour for you. Let us know what you think of these 🙂

This Week’s Funny T Shirts At Lush T Shirts – 9th April

Well hello there 🙂

I hope you have had a nice Easter, and the Easter Bunny brought you many, many chocolate eggs. It feels like yesterday although it was almost a week ago! 😛 The sun is out and it’s getting warm, so you know what that means…T-Shirt Weather! :mrgreen: Lucky for you we’ve been working on some really funny t shirts for you to get your hands on and start wearing straight away! Here’s a couple of our favourites.


We have a bit of a gym focus going on with a few of our tees. This one is the Squats, I Thought You Said Let’s Do Shots T-Shirt. It’s a hilarious statement to make, and I think that this is really funny, and would add a bit of humour to the gym. You’ll make someone’s day if you walk in and you’re wearing this!


Continuing on with the gym theme we have another which will look great for a work out. Fitness? More Like Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth T-Shirt is another hilarious design! If you’re not much of a work out person, or go to the gym but resent it, you can have a laugh at your own expense in this top. The design is printed big and bold and it will not be hard to spot you wearing this.

Light Grey

Taking a step away from all those fitness designs this is something we can all relate to. It’s a slogan based tee with quite a lot of text, but it’s all relevant. In Alcohol’s Defence, I’ve Done Some Pretty Dumb Things While Completely Sober Too. It’s funny because it’s true! 😉 We all get drunk and do crazy things, if you’re still doing them when you’re sober, well… :mrgreen:


Coffee is a great thing, it’s a drink which can get you through almost anything; Whether you’re drinking it at work to get you through the day, or you just want a nice hot cup from a stressful day, it can do it all, well almost. For those other times we have something else in mind. The Step Aside Coffee This Is A Job For Alcohol T-Shirt is designed with this in mind, when coffee simply does not cut it. If you are a wine drinker or a beer boozer you will appreciate this design.

These are just a few of our brand new funny t shirts which you can find in store now. They’re available in 10 colours and 5 sizes, ready to wear for your next day at work, down the pub or wherever takes your fancy.

Brand New Funny T-Shirts This Week At Lush T Shirts

What’s up!

So we’ve been hard at work as usual to bring you some of the best, hilarious funny T-Shirts with brand new fresh designs and prints just for you. As usual we’ve looked towards humour and popular culture in our funny collections, and we’ve found some pretty good, relevant inspiration as you’ll see…


The ‘in’ thing at the moment, in fact for a year or two has been the humble beard. They’ve fashionable, cool, trendy and so many men have started growing them again. One reason could be because of the Movember craze that’s been going for a couple of years, and people are embracing their facial hair. We’ve taken this popular culture style and created a funny slogan T-Shirt with bearded graphic; There’s A Name For People Without Beards…Women. This top looks pretty good in white with black print, and is a sure fire hit for the guy who loves his beard. It’s not just a fashion statement, but a way of life.

Royale With Cheese T-Shirt

What do they call a quarter pounder with Cheese in Paris, France? That would be a Royale With Cheese! This T-Shirt comes with a Lush T Shirts original graphic in the form of golden yellow and red print. We’ve created a burger style logo to the front of the shirt, with red slogan and a typical bun creating the Royale With Cheese design. Hungry retro film fans of the 90’s will like this funny top.

Both of these designs plus a whole lot more are available in our store now 🙂