Our New Men’s Funny T Shirts For May

Hey guys!

Last time we showcased our brand new women’s T Shirts and now it’s the turn for the guys, with our brand new men’s funny t-shirts. As always, our designs are slogan based, and come with hilarious quotes, sayings, phrases and statements. There’s plenty to choose from, and we’ve gone for a variety of different styles and occasions you’d wear these tops. From a casual Friday at work, to a night out with the lads, where most of the designs really fit in. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite designs.

You Can't Spell Handsome Without Me T Shirt

You Can’t Spell Handsome Without Me – We love this top, the message is quite obvious and is straight to the point. It’s one of those designs which will get people’s attention, and once they’ve got the joke, it will make them laugh.

Beer O'Clock T Shirt

Beer O’clock – If you love drinking then it’s probably always beer o’clock. This design will work in the office, so you can let all your colleagues know that you’re always up for a pint after work. The design comes in a digital style, just like an alarm clock so the print makes perfect sense.

Nobody’s Ugly After 2AM – This slogan is all about the club. When you’ve been drinking all night long, and it comes to closing time and you want to go home with a girl but you have left it all too late, nobody is ugly after 2AM. That’s what this statement is all about, and if you’ve ever been in a club slightly sober near closing time, you’ll have seen this happen.

I’m Lost – Please Take Me Home With You – A really funny T Shirt for you to be wearing if you’re on a night out with the lads. If you want to attract the attention of girls, this will make them laugh, and they may even end up taking you home with them. The perfect ice breaker if you’re in a bar or a club, you need to be wearing this design.

Awesome Ends With Me Ugly Starts With U – This phrase will have you laughing immediately. You can pull off this design if you have a good sense of humour, It’s funny because it’s true, awesome does end with me, and ugly starts with a U. If you have a bit of attitude you could wear this top on a night out and it will get people talking.

That’s five of our favourite brand new additions for May. You can find these and a whole load more in our funny T Shirts collections here, let us know which design is your favourite.