EU Referendum T Shirts

Last week was a momentous week if you happen to be a British Citizen, as you’re not no longer a citizen of the EU. That’s right, Brexit happened, and we got voted out of the EU by the British people. It was a fairly close vote, with 17,410,742 (51.89%) voting leave, and 16,141,241 (48.11%) voting to remain. The country is in turmoil, with the currency rates falling, stock markets crashing, and general imploding of the UK. David Cameron, the Prime Minister has resigned, there’s calls for Jeremy Corbyn to go too, and nobody knows who’ll be running the country.

Still, at Lush T Shirts we’re as upbeat as ever, and find the funny side of things as we usually do. We’ve come up with some favourite EU Referendum T Shirts, some will make you laugh, some get a bit political and you can make a statement in these slogan T Shirts. Check out a couple of our favourites below.

EU Crying Tears

The EU is upset, so our EU Crying Tears T Shirt is a pretty good design. We’re sad that we’ve been forced to leave the EU, and love our European brothers and sisters. Get the flag printed on this tee with the stars printed in golden yellow and a blue tear drop print, to show how you feel about leaving.

You’re Not Laughing Now T Shirt

The idiot that is Nigel Farage went to the European Parliament since he’s an MEP and was in a jovial mood. He’s been waiting for 17 years to say it, and finally got his chance now that he led the UK out of the European Union. You’re not laughing now, are you? Is what he told his Euro counterparts. Get this slogan, the You’re Not Laughing Now T Shirt with bold print to front, just in case you want to tell people I told you so.

I Will Always Love EU

Did Whitney Houston say it best when she claimed I Will Always Love You? Well we’ve been in love with Europe for years, so it’s appropriate to sport this design, it’s our I Will Always Love EU T Shirt. This slogan is a funnier, light hearted way of telling people how you feel about the EU, sadly we’re out and there’s nothing we can do now.

You can pick up these along with all of our EU Referendum T Shirts and political statements and designs on tees from our store here, with hundreds of prints and styles to make you laugh.

Our New Men’s Funny T Shirts For May

Hey guys!

Last time we showcased our brand new women’s T Shirts and now it’s the turn for the guys, with our brand new men’s funny t-shirts. As always, our designs are slogan based, and come with hilarious quotes, sayings, phrases and statements. There’s plenty to choose from, and we’ve gone for a variety of different styles and occasions you’d wear these tops. From a casual Friday at work, to a night out with the lads, where most of the designs really fit in. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite designs.

You Can't Spell Handsome Without Me T Shirt

You Can’t Spell Handsome Without Me – We love this top, the message is quite obvious and is straight to the point. It’s one of those designs which will get people’s attention, and once they’ve got the joke, it will make them laugh.

Beer O'Clock T Shirt

Beer O’clock – If you love drinking then it’s probably always beer o’clock. This design will work in the office, so you can let all your colleagues know that you’re always up for a pint after work. The design comes in a digital style, just like an alarm clock so the print makes perfect sense.

Nobody’s Ugly After 2AM – This slogan is all about the club. When you’ve been drinking all night long, and it comes to closing time and you want to go home with a girl but you have left it all too late, nobody is ugly after 2AM. That’s what this statement is all about, and if you’ve ever been in a club slightly sober near closing time, you’ll have seen this happen.

I’m Lost – Please Take Me Home With You – A really funny T Shirt for you to be wearing if you’re on a night out with the lads. If you want to attract the attention of girls, this will make them laugh, and they may even end up taking you home with them. The perfect ice breaker if you’re in a bar or a club, you need to be wearing this design.

Awesome Ends With Me Ugly Starts With U – This phrase will have you laughing immediately. You can pull off this design if you have a good sense of humour, It’s funny because it’s true, awesome does end with me, and ugly starts with a U. If you have a bit of attitude you could wear this top on a night out and it will get people talking.

That’s five of our favourite brand new additions for May. You can find these and a whole load more in our funny T Shirts collections here, let us know which design is your favourite.

Brand New Women’s Slogan T Shirts For Summer 2016 At Lush T Shirts

Hey guys!

We’ve added some brand new Women’s slogan T Shirts to our range, ready for Summer 2016. If you’re looking to make a statement and add some fresh new tops to your wardrobe, Lush T Shirts has your back. Our latest designs will make you laugh, make you smile and you’ll look fantastic in our shirts. We’ve taken inspiration from life, popular culture and everything we find funny, and incorporated those ethos into the collection. Here’s a couple of our favourites, let’s have a closer look at them.

Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt

Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt

If you love a drop of the sparkling wine from Italy, and who doesn’t, this is the design for you. Getting drunk on Prosecco is cool, but could cause you to get a little bit naughty. Who ever said Prosecco was for special occasions? If you love a tipple, you can get the Prosecco Made Me Do It T Shirt from us here.

My Cat Doesn't Like You T Shirt

My Cat Doesn’t Like You T Shirt

Everyone has a cat these days, and everyone loves them….But cats can be weird, and sometimes they don’t play well with others. If you’re cat has taken a dislike to your friend, boyfriend or someone you know, this quote will let them know. A hilarious statement which is spread out over five lines with each word on it’s own line, giving the design easy readability. Buy this shirt here.

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting T Shirt

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting T Shirt

Living the good life like a Princess? It can be a tiring thing to do. If this sounds like you then this top is a perfect thing to be wearing this Summer. Great for a night out or a girls holiday, make sure you’ve got yourself this top. Get yours right here.

It's not you it's your eyebrows T Shirt

It’s Not You It’s Your Eyebrows T Shirt

These days it’s all about your eyebrows, they really do say everything and speak volumes. If you aren’t on fleek, there’ll be a whole mess of problems. Let everyone know about their eyebrow game with this slogan design, it will definitely get some laughs. Shop for this T-shirt here.

The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer T Shirt

The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer T Shirt

If you are looking a bit tired, then this phrase will make you laugh and will ring true. The Bags Under My Eyes Are Designer is a hilarious way to let people know you’re looking a little bit worse for wear, but in true glam girl style, those bags under your eyes are designer. It’s a funny statement, and probably true too. You can get yourself this design here.

Remember that all our women’s T Shirts come in a range of 5 colours, red, black, sky blue, white and pink, and are available in five sizes, small to XXL. You can check out the complete collection of our Women’s T Shirts here, we’re sure you’ll find plenty which will make it into your wardrobe this season and beyond.

Get Some Geordie Style!

Oi oi ya bunch of radgies!

We’ve gone all Geordie in our latest batch of slogan T Shirts. We’re loving everything from the Toon, and have been really embracing Geordie slang in our latest designs. We’ve got some of our favourite Geordie phrases, some classic, old fashioned words which are well known in Newcastle, to the newer slang and words you’d expect to hear on shows like Geordie Shore.

There’s plenty of designs, which are on both men’s and women’s T-shirts, and here are a couple of our favourites.

Radgie T Shirt – A radgie is someone who’s a bit crazy, a bit crackers, a bit naughty. It’s quite a playful term, and will get a laugh if you call someone it. Get this on your chest on a ladies style fitted T Shirt here.

Shy Bairns Get Nowt – A classic Geordie saying which has been going for longer than anyone knows. It’s a pretty straight forward phrase which is easy to understand, it means if you’re shy then you’ll get nothing. It’s about asking for something or trying something, and if you fail you’ll know, it’s better than not doing anything and never knowing. Sort of like It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. You can get this T-shirt from us on a men’s T Shirt here.

Worky Ticket – It’s a phrase which is usually said to little kids who misbehave aka “work themselves”. If you have a friend who’s usually up to no good, this is something which you could get them as a gift for a joke, or if you’re the one who’s usually up to no good, then wear this top with pride. Get the Worky Ticket T Shirt from us here.

The Bairn – Technically The Bairn means the baby, or the child in Geordie. However when Geordie parents have kids, they usually refer to them as their bairn, no matter what their age happens to be! If you’re in your 20s or 30s then it’s not unusual to still be getting called the Bairn by your mam, dad or other family members. Get this design here.

Learn Geordie With Us

If you’re a fan of the Geordie accent and dialect but don’t know where to start, let us help you with our Geordie Dictionary. It has the most popular Geordie words and phrases, and will help you along with your Geordie, and you’ll be speaking like a local from the Toon in no time at all. Check out the dictionary here, with your favourite slang, phrases and quotes.

Tinderella And Tinderfella At Lush T Shirts

Dating apps are big! Really big! Once upon a time they were considered a bit taboo, nobody would ever admit to being on a dating website or app, let alone actually admit to meeting someone on one. Times have changed, and it’s almost unheard of for the single people not to be on something like Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Happn, or any of the other dating apps and websites which are out there…And there are a lot!

If you met your boyfriend or girlfriend on Tinder then we have a way for you to celebrate…Valentines Day is coming up, and we have the perfect couples T Shirts for you to wear! They come in back and white, with the slogans written on the front of each shirt. We are talking about Tinderella and Tinderfella 😀 Say it loud and proud that you have a partner and you met them through the dating app.

If you’re just a dating app addict but are still single, not to worry, we have singles versions of these designs too!

The Tinderfella T-shirt

The Tinderella T Shirt

If you are a loved up couple then you’ve got to check out all the Valentines T Shirts we’ve got over on our site here. There’s something for everyone, and if you have a sense of humour then you are sure to love all the designs, prints and slogans which will get you in the mood this Valentines Day.

Let us know what you think of these over on our Facebook page.

Funny T-Shirts For Pizza Lovers

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? Did we say slice? We obviously means an entire pizza! :mrgreen: There is no bad time of the day to enjoy a pizza, it’s the food of champions! With an unlimited amount of toppings and sizes, different types of crusts, the only question is which pizza you wanna eat today!?

Show your appreciation of the flatbread topped pie, spin some dough and get some funny pizza inspired tees on us! We’ve come up with some hilarious designs for all pizza fanatics, for all serious pizza eaters. Here’s a couple you should be wearing the next time you sit down for dinner.

In A Relationship With Pizza


Is there a better relationship to be in? We don’t think so! Why bother with the girlfriend or boyfriend when there’s pizza! For those who like to take their pizza game to the next level there’s this hilarious top, which comes with the slogan in black and blue print. Get this design here.

There is no we in pizza


Another really funny slogan, this print reads “There Is No We In Pizza”. There is however an ‘I’ In pizza…Strange? We don’t think so! Tell the world that you’re not into sharing your slices with this top here.

Fitness? More Like Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth


Who needs fitness when you have food? Fitness? The More Like Fitness Whole Pizza In My Mouth T-shirt focuses on more food and less fitness. Why bother working out if it means you can’t enjoy a slice of a margarita or your favourite pizza. Get this top here.

We think it’s fair to say the world is in love with pizzas, and you can show your love with one of our funny printed T-shirts, or buy one for the pizza lover in your life 🙂

What Are You Favourite Christmas Songs?


From Mariah to Wizzard, there’s been some cracking Christmas songs, and some really bad ones as well (we’re looking at you, The Darkness!). Over on the main site we’ve been talking about, and listing our favourite Christmas tunes, from ballads to party songs.

What is your favourite song, and have we got the list right? Check out our top 10 Christmas Songs here, and let us know what you think 🙂

Even More Christmas Designs

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas! And if you go over to the main site you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a total Christmas takeover with designs at the moment, and we’re not the only ones loving them, you are too! So much so, that we’ve added a few brand new designs to the line up which makes this our strongest Christmas offering yet! Let’s check out what’s fresh in store and ready to buy today.

Dear Santa, I Can Explain

Dear Santa, I Can Explain T-shirt

The girls get their own message to Santa Claus on a tee, with our Dear Santa, I Can Explain T-shirt. The meaning of this is fairly obvious; If you’ve been a naughty girl and think you may have ended up on Santa’s naughty list, you’ll have some explaining to do. We can’t guarantee you’ll not get a lump of coal, but this tee won’t do you no harm. Buy it here.

Couldn’t Pull A Christmas Cracker

Light Grey

If you don’t have your mate a Christmas present yet, this could be the one. If you’re friend isn’t the best with the ladies, this design is for him, and it will make you laugh if nothing else. A great idea to wear for a Christmas night out, you never know your luck and the powers this T-shirt may bring to you. You can buy this here.

That’s our two brand new designs for the week, remember you can check out all our Christmas designs in the Christmas shop here, it will bring you cheer and laughs if nothing else. Tell us your favourite design over on our Facebook page.

Brand New Christmas T-Shirts For This Year

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to you all! It’s only 2nd November, but we’re super excited to share with you our amazing Christmas T Shirts for this year! We’ve added even more to our collection with some fresh, brand new designs and slogans which you’re sure to love. From the funny to the wacky and naughty little tees, there’s plenty of festive cheer at Lush T Shirts this year. Let’s take a look at our brand new designs for this year. Why not check them our in our Christmas shop here. You can see a rundown of our favourite shirts for Christmas this year below.

Merry Christmas Languages T Shirt

Merry Christmas In Different Languages T-Shirt

Have you ever wanted to say Merry Christmas in different languages? Well now you can! This top has Merry Christmas written in six different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German and Italian. You can get it here.

Santa I Can Explain T-Shirt


If you’ve been a naughty little boy or girl then there may be some explaining to do. The Santa I Can Explain T-Shirt features curly joined up text in a hand written style. I hope you’re on the nice list, or you could end up with a lump of coal. Get our Santa I Can Explain T Shirt here.

Jolly Old Fat Man T Shirt


How would you describe Santa Claus? A Jolly Old Fat Man could be one way, and it makes us chuckle. There’s a lot festive going on in the design of this tee. With red and green colour printing on a snowy white backdrop, it makes the perfect present for the Santa in your life. Get it from us here.

Baby It’s Cold Outside


Christmas is the season for freezing, and there’s usually a nip in the air. This top has large style of print which is easy to read, with the slogan stating Baby It’s Cold Outside. Talk about pointing out the obvious, but still, it’s something very topical for this time of year. You can tell the world it’s cold outside in this tee here.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Spread some good cheer with a warm hearted message across your chest. The Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas T Shirt is a large printed tee with a quote which will make people smile. Christmas is a happy occasion, and we love the message this brings across. Get in the festive mood in this top and shop for it here.

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season


You’ve got to remember what Christmas is all about, the birth of Jesus Christ of course! Show your biblical sense in this stylish number, with red and green alternating writing which really stands out from the rest. You can get this from us here.

Jingle My Bells


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way…If you want your bells jingled this is a good way to let people know. The Jingle My Bells T Shirt comes complete with swinging bells graphics, a funny printed top which will get people laughing as soon as they realise what they’ve just read. You can make people laugh and get this top from us here.

I Bet You Don’t Recognise Me Without My Beard


A phrase which we find hilarious! For those who like to pretend that they are Santa, I Bet You Don’t Recognise Me Without My Beard is a slogan which will suit you down to the ground. We all know you can’t be the real Santa, because he’s up in the North Pole! If you insist on pretending you can wear this and get it from us here.

Santa Beard Graphic T Shirt

Santa Beard Print

For an instant beard get our Santa Beard Graphic T Shirt. The way it works is simple; Just hold the shirt over your face, and you have an instant Santa beard! No need to shop shaving or buy one of those horrible itchy things, you can just put on this tee. Get this design from us here.

Ho-Ho Homies T-Shirt


Where are my ho-ho Homies at?! This fashionable T-Shirt combines style with the festive season, and features the Ho Ho Homies slogan with Lapland printed under, and a Santa sleigh and reindeer graphic. We think it looks awesome and is a must have for this season. You can get yours here.

That’s our brand new additions for Christmas this year, and you know what? There may be even more coming soon 😉 Let us know what you think of these designs on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and remember to get yours in time for Christmas this year 🙂

Jurgen Klopp – The Normal One T-Shirts

The normal one has arrived in Liverpool! You’ll already know by now that Jurgen Klopp has arrived at Anfield and been installed as the new Liverpool manager, taking over from the sacked Brendan Rogers. Klopp is one of those managers that every football fan loves; You can see he really loves football, he’s passionate and he’s like a true football fan in the dugout.

His trademarks are his fun loving smile and attitude, and of course those glasses! He went down a storm in his press conference when joining Liverpool, calling himself The Normal One, a play on José Mourinho’s The Special one moniker.


So we had to create a few T-Shirts with the quote. First up is The Normal One with glasses graphic. This tee has the slogan printed to the front with a pair of hipster style glasses too. You’ll not need to explain this tee to anyone. Get it here.


If you’re looking for a more football orientated design then you’ll recognise this layout. We’ve again gone for The Normal One slogan, however it’s written in a football style; With a large number one printed under the other wording which is in a curved alignment. You can get that here.

He said his style is heavy metal football, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of that in action!