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TFI Friday Is Back On Channel 4 – Relive The 90’s


That’s right! Tomorrow, Friday 12th June 2015 see’s the return of one of the most iconic TV shows from the 90’s is back! TFI Friday makes a 90’s style return tomorrow on Channel 4, live at 9PM. The show that brought us features such as baby left baby right, freak or unique and the lord of love as well as plenty other complete funny randomness will now be seen by a new generation.

All the old guys are back, that’s Chris Evans and Danny Baker, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. There’ll be the usual 90’s shenanigans, great music and probably plenty of celeb guests. It’s also the first time the show’s going out after the watershed, it was previously on at 6PM. This is probably a good thing since the whole Shaun Ryder swearing incident.

We love the 90’s, it was the best decade ever, and we have plenty of 90’s T Shirts to remember the good old days. Sure, we may have Twitter and Instagram now, but we don’t have sink or swim anymore!

Will the new generation take to TFI Friday? Is this one-off special going to be the start of a full re-boot of the show? We hope so! 🙂

Top Gear Off The Air With Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

If you hadn’t of already heard the news then you must have been living under a rock or perhaps left the planet last week. Jeremy Clarkson was suspended and Top Gear taken off the air for an unknown period of time for what BBC are calling a fracas between Jeremy Clarkson and a producer. Last Sunday Top Gear was not aired, to the disappointment of many fans, and it’s still unknown if the shows which are still due to be shown will ever be seen again. The future of the show with Jeremy Clarkson at the helm is uncertain too, and will it mean Richard Hamster Hammond and James Captain Slow May deciding to call it a day, not to mention Jeremy’s school friend and executive producer of Top Gear Andy Wilman.

Clarkson has the support of many fans, with a petition who want to bring back Clarkson getting almost a million people signing it in support, and that number will probably increase. OFCOM have even had complaints over the show not being broadcast last Sunday! The show is one of the most profitable for the BBC, with an estimated global audience of 350 million!

ITV The Weekender Ibiza


We’ve had The Weekender in Magaluf with the lovely Imogen and co, and to warm up our Winters and wish we were on holiday, ITV will be bringing us The Weekender: Ibiza. We’ll be taking a look into the lives of a few young brits going on their holidays for a bit of Ibiza fun and sun, under the watchful eyes of the new reps. The Magaluf Weekender was really good, and it was the cast and reps which made the show especially watchable, with the dramas and storylines which unfolded.

Will The Ibiza Weekender be the same?

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – New Recipe And 5 Pack

New Creme Eggs

How terrible!

We love Cadbury’s Creme eggs, they are an institution to our Easter festivities and they are what makes Easter, Easter. But Cadbury have confirmed that they have changed the recipe to the nation’s favourite chocolate treat for this coming Easter. No longer will you be tasting dairy milk chocolate, but an alternative which we can only imagine is cheaper and tastes less good.

That is not good, but what’s even worse is the lovely 6-pack of eggs has now changed too, you only get 5 in the box for the same price!

Russell Brand vs. Blur – Parklife – Russell Answers Back

Have you heard about the whole Russell Brand vs Parklife thing that was doing the rounds on the internet last week? If you haven’t, basically Russell Brand was on Newsnight being his effervescent self, and the clever and funny people of the internet decided that his statements with his amazing vocabulary fit into the song Parklife by Blur :mrgreen:

See what you think…

We think this is hilarious! :mrgreen:

Not to be out done, Russell Brand then decided to make an official parody of the whole joke, so uploaded his own version hitting back at anyone who was actually taking the whole thing seriously! Russell is a genius 😉

Here’s his come back…

Which do you prefer?

Favourite Celebrity Moustaches

The tash, stache, moustache…Whatever you call the facial hair, it’s a bit talking point these days, largely thanks to fashion and more notably, Movember. Movember is the month where guys go 30 days and grow this iconic piece of facial hair, and all in a good cause. It’s got us thinking, who’s had the most memorable moustache in celebrity world, and who’s been our favourite stashe growers.


Lionel Richie

Once, twice, three times a tash wearer. Lionel Richie and his tash are quite iconic, he’s rocked a couple of different styles of moustaches, all have been as great as hit hit songs.


Scatman John

Bee-ba-ba-ba-ba-bo…I’m A Scatman! Yes, you’ve probably forgotten all about the 90s dance pop legend that was Scatman John who sadly passed away in 1999. His amazing hit Scatman actually didn’t make it to the top of the UK charts, only getting to number 3, but it will always be remembered as a 90s classic.


Earl from My Name Is Earl

The king of Karma is also a tash supporter. where would Earl be without his moustache? Randy would probably not recognise him and the world would be a much sadder place.

Get Your Very Own Moustache T Shirt

We can’t promise you can grow a stache as good as these fellows, but we can do the next best thing, have you rock one of our Moustache T Shirts to show your appreciation. With a nice collection of different designs available in different styles, there’s the right tash for you. Grab yours now to avoid disappointment, and you’ll be wearing your T-shirt in no time at all.

Who’s your favourite all time moustache grower?


WIFI T Shirts For The Geeks Out There

Hey! 😀

So today we’ve added some WIFI related geek T Shirts to our store. At Lush we love the Internet (Obvs!) and think that WIFI is the best thing invented since, well, the Internet 😉 But there are some people who take things a bit too far…We love to be online, but there’s some people that go a bit too far, and they have to be connected to WIFI at all times. We’re talking about people who go into bars, restaurants and coffee shops and the first thing they ask before ordering is “Do you have the WIFI password?”. What did we do in life before WIFI? I honestly can’t remember! 😉

If you know someone who is glued to their phone while you and your friends are talking, being social and enjoying life, you may want to get them one of our funny WIFI designs.


Home Is Where The WIFI Connects Automatically T-Shirt

When you’re out and about WIFI is great, but you can’t connect automatically, and usually need the password. Not when you’re in the comfort of your own home, where your WIFI plays nice and you’re connected automatically.


I Love You More Than WIFI

Just the message you want to send to your significant other. Sure, they may look good and be a nice person, but they’ll never replace a strong WIFI connection. With the WIFI and heart logo, let everyone know that your love of WIFI runs deep and true. A hilarious tee which we think you’ll love.


Free WIFI T-Shirt

You’ve probably seen those Free… T-Shirts with a persons name on them. The idea of them is to free someone who’d been unjustly been put in jail. Well there’s a bigger thing to fight for these days, we’re talking about free WIFI. If you believe in a free WIFI world then this ironic design is for you. Oversize wording in light blue which really makes a statement on a white shirt.


What’s Your WIFI Password T-Shirt

Hello, How are you doing? That’s an example of how to start a conversation. If you know someone obsessed with WIFI then you’ll know they get past the pleasantries and go straight for what they want, the WIFI Password. The What’s Your WIFI Password T-Shirt will save important seconds of asking for the password, time better spent on the Internet.

These Geek Tees are available right now on our site right, check it out for some really cool T-Shirts right now. In stock for immediate dispatch, you can get your WIFI quickly with our 48 hours dispatch service.

Cool Costumes For Halloween?

Halloween is coming up, so we’re thinking what costumes are cool? Back in the olden days it was all about getting dressed up in tacky, novelty style of scary costumes. Paint your face white like a ghost, get some red blood-like paint going on, and your done right? Well times have changed, and it’s actually about seeing who can come up with the most original outfit, and people are now spending small fortunes on this one night of dressing up!

We don’t like to do things the usual way, and even though you’re supposed to be scary there are other things to go to a Halloween party as. We prefer to have a bit of fun, and if we’re forced to dress up, it’s going to be something geeky or cool, with plenty of pop culture mixed in. Here’s a couple of ideas which we’re thinking of.

turtles-cossyThe Turtles! Or to give them their full name: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Or as we knew them as in the UK if you were a fan of the cartoons, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. You can get these costumes, T-Shirts or even make your own. They’re not the most difficult, as long as you have something green you’re all set! 😀 The only thing left to do is to decide whether you’re a Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo or Raphael.

mk-costumes Do you recognise these costumes? If you had a SNES or Megadrive in the mid 90s and liked fighting games you might! They are dressed up as the characters from Mortal Kombat. What a great idea to go as Mortal Kombat, where the majority of people in the room will not understand who you are or why you’re dressed like Scorpion, Johnny Cage or Sub Zero. Definitely a niche amongst gaming fans.

sk-costumesSticking with the gaming theme this is one of our favourite ideas. Can you tell what it is yet? We’re talking about Street Fighter! This is perfect if you’re going to a party as a group, and there’s plenty of characters for all. The U.S. Marine Guile, Chung Li, go green for Blanka and what about Ryu and Ken. This has got to be one of our favourite ideas for getting dressed up if you’re in a group of people, the hardest decision is deciding who will be who. You have to play along and stay in character, so there should be plenty of Hadouken and air kicks going on.

Not A Fan of Playing Dress Up? Get A Halloween T-Shirt

If the art of dressing up is passing you by, and you still want something to wear over the festive night then one of our Halloween T Shirts should do the trick. They’re ideal for those who are lazy, can’t be bothered to get dressed up, or just think the night is pretty much a sham. If you’ve got a sense of humour you’ll easily be able to pull one of our designs off, and we have a few to choose from. If you’re known as the sarcastic one in your party then continue the trend and wear a tee.

R.I.P Robin Williams

RIP Robin Williams

Such a tragedy, we’ve lost a great actor and comedic genius. Sadly Robin Williams died last night, suspect of committing suicide. He was such a legend, and made amazing timeless films which everyone loved, like our favourite Mrs Doubtfire. He voiced the genie in Aladdin and made it come to life, and won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting. Other films which he starred in which we loved include Good Morning, Vietnam, Hook, and Jumanji, and who can forget him in TV, Mork & Mindy was before our time but was a classic in the late 70s and early 80s.