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The Coolest TV Shows From The Current To Retro Nostalgia 80s & 90s Favourites

This Is England 90 – 90’s Retro Pop Culture

Have you been watching This Is England 90!? We have, and it’s livedĀ up to expectations! šŸ˜€ How brilliantĀ have the first two episodes been so far? The first brought us back into the show, including all the characters and what they’ve been up to, and now we’re getting more into the storyline half way through the 4 part mini series.

So far We’ve learned that the girls all work at a school as Dinnerladies, with Lol being the head of the kitchen. Milky, Shaun and gadget still can’t get enough of school dinners and we’ve discovered something from the 90’s which we previously had not heard of…Coffee Whip. What is it? It’s coffee…Whipped! :mrgreen:


Perhaps the people who are stealing the show at the moment are Flip and Higgy…Yes, that’s the ones in the picture above. They’re not members of the gang but seem to find themselves doing the same kinds of things at the rest of them, which is partying, taking drugs, drinking and did we mention a good old rave up?

There style is amazing, and it makes us think about our 90’s T Shirts. Back in the day it was all about bright colours, expressing yourself in your clothing in the way of wearing whatever you wanted, and the brands of the day had so many cool items of clothing. Track jackets from Adidas, band T-Shirts, white jeans and really bad hair. That’s what the 90’s was all about, and we loved every minute of it. We’ve been inspired by all things 90’s in our retro designs, and here’s our pick of our favourites:

90’s Logo T Shirt


Nothing says you’re a fan of the nineties than the oversize 90’s logo T-Shirt. With a huge number in the middle of the shirt, it’s hard to get away from the fact you’re a bit of a 90’s child. Get this in bright white, with logo in black.

I Love Heart The 90’s T Shirt

I Love The 90s

There’s not much of a better way to tell people you love the 90’s than our I Heart 90’s T Shirt. A white tee with black slogan, it’s completed with a red heart graphic. If you love the 90’s as much as we do, then this is for you.

Made In The 80’s T Shirt


If you lived through the 90s and loved it, then you must have been born in the 1980’s, which is where our Made In The 80’s T Shirt comes from. The design is printed in a neon pink colour print which looks cool onĀ a royal blue tee as shown, or even black. The large graphic really does stand out well, and you’ll be able to let everyone know that you were around in the best decade ever, the 90’s! šŸ˜€

If you lived through the 90’s then you were lucky, we know because we did! It was the best decade ever, and you can relive it by wearing one of our designs inspired from the decade.

Geordie Shore Series 8 Is Back Tonight on MTV!



Are you set to get on it like a car bonnet tonight? MTV’s biggest reality show, Geordie Shore makes it’s return to our screens at 10PM, and we can’t wait to see what those mental lads and lasses have in store for us! If you are unfamiliar with the cast, let’s have a look at them, including a couple of favourites, and two new lads which will be making their debuts in series 8 tonight.

The Geordie Shore Lads - Back For Series 8

Scotty T has been in the Geordie Shore house since series 4 and has had some on screen romance with Marnie and Holly, two of the girls from in the house. When he’s not with either of those he’s banging birds from bars in Newcastle like Bijoux and House Of Smith with his Wingman and cast member veteran Gaz.

Speaking of Gaz, he’s back making him one of the original cast members who’s still causing mayhem in the house. There’s been rumours of him hooking up with Vicky in this series…Would the leader of the buck squad really go there?

James is back too, the self proclaimed comb-over king has already settled down with his Worldie, so he’ll not be on the pull in this series either.

Aaron and Kyle - Geordie Shore's New Lads

Geordie Shore has two new lads in the shape of Aaron Chambers and Kyle Christie. Aaron is covered in tattoos, so for you girls who love ink he could be your perfect guy. Will Kyle become a member of the buck squad, and wingman for Scotty T and Gaz?


Marnie is back in the Geordie Shore house for a second series, and has had altercations with other housemates in the past, including Vicky. Will there be drama this time round? YouĀ better believe it! šŸ˜€


Single Vicky is in the house…Or is she? No doubt she’ll resume the role as queen bitch of the house, claiming to be everyone’s friend to stab them in the back. D.R.A.M.A!

Carlotte Crosby

After her own show, The Charlotte Crosby Experience on TLC she’s back, getting drunk doon the toon and (we hope) falling all over the place giving up some classic Charlotte moments.

Holly Hagan Through The Years

Our favourite girl has to be Holly, she has changed so much since the first series back in 2011, especially her hair which has been every colour from dark brown, red, purple, blue and now she’s looking amazing as a brunette. What will she be up to this series of Geordie Shore?

Our Banter On T-Shirts – Geordie Style

If you’re looking for some banter on your clothing then look no further than our Geordie T Shirts. They are proper mint, and you don’t even need to be a Geordie to wear them. We’ve got the perfect tees for all you lads and lasses who are fans of the show, whether you’re a Worldie lass or like to Tash On, we’ve got the shirt for you.

Tash On T-shirt

Tash On Girls T Shirt


Worldie T Shirt


Proper Mint T Shirt

What you waiting for….Get your Geordie on now!