The Women’s Autumn Collection 2016

Hey guys and gals!

We’ve finally released our Autumn collection for all you ladies, with some hilarious slogan T-shirts which will do the talking for you, and definitely bring some joys to your day and wardrobe. Our Autumn collection is a refresh of everything we do best, which is add some fun to your look, with some statements, catchphrases and messages which will grab people’s attention. Here’s a small look at what you can find in our women’s slogan T-shirts section over on our main site right now.

I Don’t Care I Just Want To Go Home

Whether it’s a day at work, or a party you don’t want to be at, our I Don’t Care, I Just Want To Go Home T-shirt really does say it all. We’ve all been in that situation where you find yourself somewhere you really don’t want to be. How did you end up there anyway? It really doesn’t matter, you just want to get the hell out of there! If this slogan speaks to you, get this shirt here.

I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend I Like You Today

Liking people is no easy task, especially when you secretly hate them. There’s always that one person which you really don’t care for, usually for no particular reason, but society dictates that you have to be nice to them anyway. That takes a lot, and sometimes, you just can’t be bothered. I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend To Like You Today is a T-shirt which gets the message across perfectly. Put this on here.

Me? Overreacting? Probably!

Do you know someone who’s dramatic and thinks every small thing is a big deal? The Me, Overreacting, Probably T-shirt is something which you should get them. For those who make a big deal about everything, this is the slogan tee for them. Or if it sounds like something you do, then there’s no better way to rock it. You can buy this here.

Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come Women’s T Shirt

One of our favourite designs, because it’s true. The Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come is a T-shirt which has a statement which we all want to make. When you have to go somewhere to be sociable but you really don’t want to go, or you’re running late for work, let them know why. You never wanted to turn up in the first place, you did, you’re late, let them deal with it. At least the phrase starts with “Sorry”. Get this funny top here.

Psycho But Cute

If you’re one cat short of crazy and a bit mad, nothing says it better than the Psycho But Cute T Shirt. If you look like a cute nice girl, but you’re actually a complete nightmare then you can warn off people wearing this design, or at least let them know what they’re in for. Grab this here and wear it on a night out with the girls.

I’m Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You Women’s T Shirt

The perfect T-shirt for those who are a bit quiet, but definitely not shy. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to someone, not because you’re shy, but because that you just don’t like them. If this sounds like you, then this slogan design is something which you need in your life. Perfect to wear at parties and nights out, stop getting hassled from people you don’t like, this top will speak volumes. I’m not shy, I just Don’t Like You sends out a hilarious message. Shop for it now.

Shh Nobody Cares Ladies Top

When you’ve got that one friend who just keeps talking and going on and on about nothing important to your life…Shh Nobody Cares is probably what you’re thinking. Don’t just think it, say it with a tee! This design will make an impact and easily get your message across without you having to say a word. You need this in your wardrobe, buy this shirt here.

Please Don’t Talk To Me I’m Only Here For The Food Women’s Top

Perfect for the festive season and any other occasion where food is involved. Please don’t talk to me, I’m only here for the food is a T-shirt which needs little explanation. Let’s set the scene; You’re invited to an event you don’t want to go to, but you know the food is going to be amazing. You need to go just for that brilliant food. It’s a regular occurrence, so wear this the next time you’re at a party or event to let people know exactly why you’re there. Get this T-shirt here.

There you have it, just a few of our Autumn/Winter collection for 2016! Let us know which are you favourites over on our Facebook channel, and you can shop the whole collection here.