Brand New Funny Slogan Vests For Summer



We have been hard at work at Lush T Shirts to bring you the best in the form of some hilarious slogan vests for this summer season. It’s already in full swing, and we’re right near the middle of the summer season, so it’s the perfect time to get your vest game on. The weather is beautiful, it’s warm and sunny, and if you’re going away on holiday then it’s the perfect time to get yourself a vest for your trip abroad! Here’s a couple of our favourite vests which are available to buy right now.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle Vest


A really funny slogan, single and too socially awkward to mingle is a vest top for those who are a bit on the shy side. You can get it in white, with electric blue coloured slogan which looks really cool and will be perfect for a night on the town or a bar crawl on holiday.

Happy Wife Happy Life Vest


A slogan for any husband to live by. You really need to make this your statement for life if you want to keep the missus happy. It’s the key to any successful marriage, happy wife, happy life. You can get this top which has the slogan printed on two lines from us today, and let everyone know who’s the boss in your household.

Zero Fucks Given Vest


For those that don’t care, that don’t give a shit and do as they please, our Zero Fucks Given vest is the one to have. The statement has each word on separate lines which gives maximum exposure to the statement, and you can really get your message across. It comes in black or white, and it will get you noticed.

Those are just a couple of our vest tops, all of which you can find here. Here at Lush T Shirts we now do sizes small all the way up to XXL so there’s a size which will suit you. All tops come in either black or white, with the design and graphics created specially for these vest tops.

Which is your favourite?