5 Brand New Tees For October


October is almost behind us, and we’ve been busy designing some brand new T Shirts which we think you’ll love. The focus is on slogans, humour and fun, and we’ve got five T-shirts which we think are brilliant, and must have for you, or your mates as presents. Let’s take a look at what’s new this month.

I’m No Cactus Expert But I Know A Prick When I See One

I'm No Cactus Expert But I Know A Prick When I See One T-Shirt

This shirt will really get you noticed and makes one hell of a statement. The sharp and spiky slogan reads I’m No Cactus Expert But I Know A Prick When I See One sends out the message that you’re sick of the annoying idiots, so please back away slowly. Wearing this T-shirt will have everyone knowing you don’t take any crap, and should approach with caution. Get the Cactus Expert T-Shirt from us here.

That’s Enough Adulting For One Day

That's Enough Adulting For One Day T-Shirt

When there’s too much grown up stuff going on in life, this phrase will ring true. There always seems to be something going on, whether it’s paying bills, having to go somewhere or doing something you don’t want to do, but you have to, you’re an adult after all. When you can’t be bothered with grown up life you can wear this, our That’s Enough Adulting For One Day is a slogan you need in your life.

Common Sense Is So Rare These Days It Should Be Classified As A Super Power

Common Sense Is So Rare These Days It Should Be Classified As A Super Power T-Shirt

It’s the sad truth of the matter that although it’s called common sense, it appears to be anything other than common. Why do some people fail at the most basic tasks, and seem to not be able to do the most simple things? If you feel that way, you need to be wearing the common sense is so rare T-shirt. People will not only laugh, they’ll agree!

A Day Without Beer Probably Wouldn’t Kill Me – But Why Take The Risk

A Day Without Beer Probably Wouldn't Kill Me But Why Take The Risk T Shirt

It’s a statement which is true. A day without beer probably wouldn’t kill me, or you, or anyone, but why take that risk? If you love a good pint or night out with the lads on a regular basis, then you’ll completely understand. You can get this tee here, perfect for dads, lads and all beer lovers.

I’m Not Arguing I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right

I'm not arguing I'm Just Explaining Why I'm Right T-shirt

We all love a good argument, but what if you’re always right? If you feel that way, you’ll be familiar with this phrase and it’s something you can tell your mates and everyone you argue with. I’m Not Arguing, I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right is something you may say to people who attempt at telling you that you’re wrong. You’re not, and you’re just letting them know how or why. It can’t be considered an argument if you’re always right! This hilarious T-shirt can be bought here, perfect for you, or that know-it-all mate.

That’s it for the first drop of October! If you’re looking for more funny slogans there’s plenty on the Lush T Shirts website, where you can find the perfect tee for yourself.

New Slogan Tees For September!

September is here which means a new season, a new wardrobe and that can only mean one thing…Brand new slogan T Shirts! There’s nothing better than a fresh tee to kick off the new season in, and we’ve got some brilliant ones which you’ll be loving all the way through Autumn. Let’s delve right into the designs, and showcase some of our favourite ones which we know you’re going to love.

Cinder Fuckin Rella

The queen of the fairytale herself, it’s no Cinderella, it’s our Cinder Fuckin’ Rella T Shirt. This design is the one to get if you love a fairytale story, and who doesn’t. The print comes in a distinctive thing type of lettering which is easy to read and understand, but is stylish enough to keep you looking cool.

U OK Hun

U OK Hun T Shirt

It’s the statement you make when you see someone doing something slightly crazy, U OK Hun? When somebody is slightly losing it and look like they are in need of a bit of help, this slogan really does say it all. You can have a laugh in this design, and there’s no need to speak the words while wearing this top.

On Paper He’s My Type

On Paper He's My Type T Shirt

When you see a cute guy and get talking to him, you might have found the one, but is there something missing? That’s what we’re talking about when we say On Paper He’s My Type. You can really send out a message if you have this tee in your wardrobe, wear it on a girls night out and let everyone know the score.

Nap Queen

Nap Queen T Shirt

For those of us who like to sleep more than we like to stay away, the Nap Queen T Shirt describes us pretty well. If you’re known to doze off quite a bit, or just love a bit of a snooze, you could very well be the nap queen. If this slogan suits you, you need to be rocking it.

Minimal Effort

Minimum Effort T Shirt

Why bother working your arse off for nothing? That’s an outlook on life you may have, so the minimal effort T Shirt sounds about right. When you make just that tiny piece of effort which still counts, this quote really does say it all.

That’s it!

Those are our favourite Slogan T Shirts for this season going forward. What do you think? You can check all of these out plus a whole load more over on the Lush T Shirts main site, and shop till your hearts content!


Christmas At Lush T Shirts 2016

Christmas is here…Well almost! 😉 And as usual, Lush has you covered when it comes to having a Christmas T Shirt for yourself, or whether you’re looking for a great and unusual gift for someone. Check out what we’ve got, here’s a couple of our favourites for you and your loved ones.

Stocking Fillers For Guys

Who doesn’t love a funny T Shirt? If you’re looking for something for your brother, dad, granddad, friend or boyfriend, one of our tees is going to make him laugh, and he’ll remember it for a long time to come. Check them all out here, you’re bound to find something you like.

And Yet Despite The Look On My Face You’re Still Talking

If you know someone who just gives you that look, then you can get them our And Yet Despite The Look On My Face You’re Still Talking T Shirt. They will wear this with pride on Christmas Day, and people will leave them in peace. Get this here.

Stocking Fillers For Girls

If you’re looking for a present for a girl, whether it be for a secret Santa, sister or girlfriend, we’ve curated a selection of our most popular T-shirts for ladies which you can find here. Printed slogans are popular and fashionable, not to mention funny, so they are certain to be a hit.

I’m Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You T Shirt

If they are the type of girl who’s a bit shy most of the time, get them this. Maybe they aren’t shy at all! 😀 Our I’m Not Shy, I Just Don’t Like You T Shirt will set the record straight, and get people laughing in the process. They’ll be able to make a statement in this top, which is available in a range of colours. Get yours here.

Funny Christmas T Shirts

If you’re looking for an alternative to a Christmas Jumper, then one of our Christmas T Shirts will do the trick. You can check out the full collection here, and they’re better than that old itchy jumper from last year. With plenty of festive designs to choose from, there’ll be at least one you’ll love, and probably more. From funny statements to inspiration from our favourite Christmas films, there’s quotes, graphics and slogans for all.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T Shirt

Who doesn’t love Home Alone? It’s got to be one of the most loved Christmas films of all time. There’s no better way to watch it than by wearing our Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T Shirt. A large print in a festive Christmas style, the text is easy to read and comes in a traditional Christmas jumper type of text, along with some festive graphics too! You can check it out here, you’ll not be able to wait to put this one on.

This Girl Loves Christmas T Shirt

What better way to tell everyone how you feel about this time of year than with our very own This Girl Loves Christmas T Shirt. The design comes with thumbs pointing inwards, indicating that it’s you who loves Christmas. If this is the season for you then you need to be wearing this, which you can buy here. A great choice to wear to the office or on a night out.

That’s just a small selection of the hundreds of T-shirts and tops we’ve got on the site, from funny slogans to famous quotes and inspirational Christmas films, there’s a design for you. Head on over and let us know which one of these is your favourite 😉

Brand New Funny Mens Tees For Autumn

Hey guys!

So we’re well into Autumn now, and what better way to show that than one of our brand new designs. We’ve put a lot of focus into our Funny T Shirts for this Autumn, with jokes, statements and plain old laugh out loud humour in our designs. Wanna see what I’m talking about? Here’s a couple of my favourites from the collection.

Just One More Episode I Promise T Shirt

We’re in the age of Netflix, Amazon Video and on demand streaming. Gone are the days where you had to wait an entire week to watch the next episode of your favourite show. That has lead to binge watching, and once you’ve seen one, you want another, and another, and soon enough most of the day or night is over. Just One More Episode, I Promise is a T-shirt which will probably explain a lot in your life. Get this T-shirt here.

Smugface T Shirt

We’ve all got one, we love to get it out. We’re talking about the Smugface. When someone tries to prove you wrong and it turns out they’re the ones who are wrong and your right, it’s time to bring out the Smugface. This design comes with the slogan and an arrow pointing upwards, so people are in no doubt where your smug face actually is. Shop for this here.

Be Happy – It Drives Miserable People Crazy

Some people are just sad and miserable, and it’s depressing. Be Happy, It Drives Miserable People Crazy is a hilarious statement T-shirt which lets people know exactly what you think and where you stand with them. The world needs more happiness, and wearing this will get plenty of laughs. Get it now.

I Thought You Were Different

When a girl thinks you’re great and then decides you’re the same as all the other guys, even when you’re not. The phrase you may here is, I Thought You Were Different. We’ve put that well known statement on a tee which you can wear ironically (or not) on your next night out, and flip the script. The slogan is printed in a bold, easy to read style which will really hammer home the message. Get this here ready for the weekend.

I Don’t Have Time For This

There’s only so many hours in the day, and you don’t want to waste any of them. I Don’t Have Time For This is a funny top which explains it all. Why would you want to use your precious time on something or someone when you could be spending the time better!? If that’s the message you want to send across, do it in this design. Get it for yourself here.

The Women’s Autumn Collection 2016

Hey guys and gals!

We’ve finally released our Autumn collection for all you ladies, with some hilarious slogan T-shirts which will do the talking for you, and definitely bring some joys to your day and wardrobe. Our Autumn collection is a refresh of everything we do best, which is add some fun to your look, with some statements, catchphrases and messages which will grab people’s attention. Here’s a small look at what you can find in our women’s slogan T-shirts section over on our main site right now.

I Don’t Care I Just Want To Go Home

Whether it’s a day at work, or a party you don’t want to be at, our I Don’t Care, I Just Want To Go Home T-shirt really does say it all. We’ve all been in that situation where you find yourself somewhere you really don’t want to be. How did you end up there anyway? It really doesn’t matter, you just want to get the hell out of there! If this slogan speaks to you, get this shirt here.

I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend I Like You Today

Liking people is no easy task, especially when you secretly hate them. There’s always that one person which you really don’t care for, usually for no particular reason, but society dictates that you have to be nice to them anyway. That takes a lot, and sometimes, you just can’t be bothered. I Don’t Have The Energy To Pretend To Like You Today is a T-shirt which gets the message across perfectly. Put this on here.

Me? Overreacting? Probably!

Do you know someone who’s dramatic and thinks every small thing is a big deal? The Me, Overreacting, Probably T-shirt is something which you should get them. For those who make a big deal about everything, this is the slogan tee for them. Or if it sounds like something you do, then there’s no better way to rock it. You can buy this here.

Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come Women’s T Shirt

One of our favourite designs, because it’s true. The Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come is a T-shirt which has a statement which we all want to make. When you have to go somewhere to be sociable but you really don’t want to go, or you’re running late for work, let them know why. You never wanted to turn up in the first place, you did, you’re late, let them deal with it. At least the phrase starts with “Sorry”. Get this funny top here.

Psycho But Cute

If you’re one cat short of crazy and a bit mad, nothing says it better than the Psycho But Cute T Shirt. If you look like a cute nice girl, but you’re actually a complete nightmare then you can warn off people wearing this design, or at least let them know what they’re in for. Grab this here and wear it on a night out with the girls.

I’m Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You Women’s T Shirt

The perfect T-shirt for those who are a bit quiet, but definitely not shy. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to someone, not because you’re shy, but because that you just don’t like them. If this sounds like you, then this slogan design is something which you need in your life. Perfect to wear at parties and nights out, stop getting hassled from people you don’t like, this top will speak volumes. I’m not shy, I just Don’t Like You sends out a hilarious message. Shop for it now.

Shh Nobody Cares Ladies Top

When you’ve got that one friend who just keeps talking and going on and on about nothing important to your life…Shh Nobody Cares is probably what you’re thinking. Don’t just think it, say it with a tee! This design will make an impact and easily get your message across without you having to say a word. You need this in your wardrobe, buy this shirt here.

Please Don’t Talk To Me I’m Only Here For The Food Women’s Top

Perfect for the festive season and any other occasion where food is involved. Please don’t talk to me, I’m only here for the food is a T-shirt which needs little explanation. Let’s set the scene; You’re invited to an event you don’t want to go to, but you know the food is going to be amazing. You need to go just for that brilliant food. It’s a regular occurrence, so wear this the next time you’re at a party or event to let people know exactly why you’re there. Get this T-shirt here.

There you have it, just a few of our Autumn/Winter collection for 2016! Let us know which are you favourites over on our Facebook channel, and you can shop the whole collection here.

T-Shirts To Wear While Watching The Great British Bake Off

It’s that time of year again! The Great British Bake Off is back! It may be going to Channel 4 without Mel and Sue later, but for the time being, we have been watching and loving GBBO! The whole of the UK has really taken baking and cooking to it’s heart, with so many people creating their own masterpieces to eat, Britain has uncovered so many brand new foodies!

We’ve been inspired and do what we do best, and baked up some fresh tees for you! Our Baking T Shirts which you can check out here are the perfect thing to wear while watching Bake Off. Let’s have a look at a couple of our favourite designs.

Weekend Forecast – Baking With A Chance Of Drinking T Shirt

That sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! Who else pours a glass of wine while baking? Hopefully not just us! Our Weekend Forecast – Baking With A Chance Of Drinking T Shirt is perfect if you like to mix your weekend with alcohol and baking yummy food. Get this shirt here.

Nobody Likes A Soggy Bottom T-Shirt

The hilarious slogan which rings true for all bakers. Nobody Likes A Soggy Bottom T-shirt is for the pastry chefs which know all about how to bake properly and perfect the art. This funny slogan really makes an impact with it’s large groovy text. Get this here.

Trust Me I’m A Baker T Shirt

If you want to let people know that you’re into baking, our Trust Me I’m A Baker T Shirt will do exactly that. The design comes complete with the slogan, as well as a cupcake graphic, and who doesn’t love to bake cupcakes?! You can shop for this here.

Eat Sleep Bake Repeat T Shirt

For those who baking is not just a hobby, but a way of life. The Eat Sleep Bake Repeat T Shirt is a statement which tells everyone just how serious you are about baking. Wear this while you’re out of the kitchen so everyone knows your love of baking. Get this top here.

That’s just a small selection of our T-shirts which you can wear while watching the Bake Off, let us know your favourites and have fun baking and wearing these designs 🙂

Brand New Funny T Shirts For Men At Lush T Shirts

Well September is here and we have some brand new designs for you guys! If you’re looking for a laugh, then the joke can literally be on you in our latest designs. Inspired from our favourite humour, drinking, sarcasm and just general slogans and phrases we love to make, here’s some of our favourite funny designs which we’ve added to the site for this season.

Drinks Well With Others T Shirt

If you need a drinking buddy then our Drinks Well With Others top will entice those around you and know you’re all about a good time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s beer, gin, whisky or rum, whatever your tipple, people will know that you love alcohol. Get this design here.

Please Don’t Talk To Me I’m Only Here For The Food Shirt

When you go to an event, function of family do, it’s often that they put on food or a bit of a buffet. Why would you want to socialise and chat to people when you’ve only come for the food? If that sounds like something you’d do, then this hilarious slogan top is the design for you. It will certainly get people talking, and they’ll find this one amusing, probably because they’re thinking it, but you’re actually saying it. Buy this here.

And Yet Despite The Look On My Face You’re Still Talking T Shirt

We’ve all been in one of those situations where someone just keeps talking and doesn’t take the hint, reading your body language and you’re face. If they’re really stupid, then the only way to get your point across might be wearing this T-shirt. And Yet, Despite The Look On My Face, You’re Still Talking is a T-shirt which people will be laughing at as soon as they read it, it creates an instant statement is perfect for a party or work situation. You can be wearing this top by getting it here.

I Don’t Like Mornings Or People Or Morning People T Shirt

This works well on a Monday after the weekend back to work. Our I Don’t Like Morning People, Or Mornings, Or People T Shirt will get the message across that you’re really not feeling very sociable, or maybe not a social person at all. If you’re known as a bit of a grumpy person, wear this, and people will understand. Get this T-shirt here.

And there you have it, our favourite brand new funny T Shirts for the first half of September. Check out the whole collection of funny T-shirts over here, where you’ll find over 12 brand new designs which we’ve added this week.

Brand New Funny Vests For The Gym This August

How’s it going all you gym bunnies!

We’ve brought you so many hilarious funny gym shirts for your workout sessions which have created a storm, and for this August we’ve got some brand new designs for you to get your hands on. The slogans are big and bold, and will get you noticed the next time you’re on your workout. Here’s our brand new range which you can find on our site right now.

My Everything Is Sore

When you’ve done your workout and you’re absolutely knackered, all your muscles will be hurting. For those occasions, which should be all the time there’s the My Everything Is Sore Top. You can get yours right here.

Run? I Thought You Said Rum

If you prefer Rum to running, then this slogan vest is for you. The joke will be on you when you’re out on runs, whether it’s on the treadmill or out and about, wear this with pride and get some laughs along the way. Shop for the Run I Thought You Said Rum Top here.

I Run Because I Really Like Food

Cardio is the way to burn off whatever you eat, so if you are a foodie and love to eat, this slogan will pretty much sum up your life. I Run Because I Really Like Food is a top which will explain why you love to run so much, because you’ve got to keep in shape. Get this design here.

Abs Are Great But Have You Tried Pizza

Getting in good shape is satisfying, but is it as satisfying as food? If you prefer pizza to a flat stomach, this vest will make a statement for you. Abs Are Great, But Have You Tried Pizza is a message which will resonate and make you smile.  Get this top here, and grab yourself a slice of pizza while you’re at it.

Better Sore Than Sorry

You know that you’ve had a good work out when you’re still feeling it the next day. It’s better to be sore than to be sorry. You can make that statement by wearing this vest, and show everyone in the gym that you really mean business. Add this to your wardrobe here.

When Life Knocks Me Down I Usually Like There And Take A Nap

For the under motivated people we’ve got this slogan which may sum things up pretty well. When Life Knocks Me Down I Usually Lie There And Take A Nap vest top is a hilarious statement to make for those who can’t be bothered with the stresses of life and the gym. The slogan is printed over a number of lines and is easy to read. You can get this in your life here.

Grab yourself one of these vests for the Summer over in our shop, available in black or white they’ll make a great addition to your gym bag for a fun and fresh new look.

New Women’s Slogan T Shirts For August

We’re loving the summer at the moment, and we’ve got some brand new hilarious women’s slogan T Shirts ready for you this season. Where did June and July go? You’ve already seen our first drop from earlier this summer, and this time round we’ve got a lot of new designs which we’re sure you’ll love. What’s in store? Here’s a look at a couple of our favourites.

This Is My Too Tired To Function Shirt

When you just can’t be bothered with life, we’ve got the top for you. This phrase really says it all, and is perfect for hangovers or lazy days and nights when you don’t want to do anything. You can get our This Is My Too Tired To Function Shirt from us, with neon pink and white writing which stands out.

I Heard You’re A Player. Nice To Meet You, I’m The Coach

Going out with the girls? There’s plenty of players out there who’ll be looking to flirt and chat you up. We’re done with all the players, and it’s time to send out a message. You can do this with this design which reads, I Heard You’re A Player, Nice To Meet You. I’m The Coach T Shirt. It really will make a statement and show you have a bit of attitude and will stand for no funny business.

Sorry I’m Not Listening Top

We’ve all got one of those friends who talks so much, and goes on and on…If that sounds familiar then you need our Sorry I’m Not Listening T Shirt in your life. It will send out the message to people that you might be looking at them, but you’re not listening to what they are saying. This slogan says it all and will get you noticed.

Cute Guys? I Thought You Said French Fries

Maybe you’re hard of hearing, and maybe you just like to hear things you want to. Whatever the explanation, we’re sure you’ll find our Cute Guys? I Thought You Said French Fries Top really funny. The slogan is printed across the chest in large lettering to give the joke the maximum impact, if you prefer chips to boys this slogan is the one.

Caution Curves Ahead Top

How awesome are curves! Embrace your curvy body with our Caution! Dangerous Curves Ahead T Shirt. Curves are strong and powerful, be careful how you use them, they have been known to rock the world. Represent in this design.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

They just wanna, they just wanna…Money is not everything, but it does help! How else can we buy make-up and handbags as well as the odd cocktail? Spending money is cool, so the Girls Just Wanna Have Funds T Shirt is the slogan which really does make a statement. The print has each word on it’s own line, giving it maximum impact.

Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy

It tastes better, and costs less too! Yes! We’re sending out a message with this, Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy T-Shirt. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking chocolate, vanilla or mint-choc-chip, whatever your flavour of Ice Cream, this top is a must have for you.

The Pink Flamingo Graphic Top

What is it with pink flamingos some people ask…Well they’re awesome, that’s what! The Pink Flamingo T Shirt comes with the animal graphic, printed in neon pink of course, and looks it’s best in brilliant white. Lovers of flamingos will want to add this top to their wardrobe immediately.

And there you have it, our favourite women’s slogan T shirts for this August. Let us know what you think of these brand new designs, all of what can be bought in our store here. With over 170 slogan T-Shirts currently available, there’s plenty to have a look at, and you will find your favourite at Lush T Shirts.

Brand New Funny T Shirts For July!

The sun is shining (almost!) and we’re well into Summer, which can only mean one thing…You need some new T Shirts for your wardrobe. Fear not, our July drop is here and you’re in for a treat if you love to laugh. Our Funny T Shirts are hilarious, and come with slogans and statements which will get you laughing this season. We always believe that you should show off your personality, and there’s no better way to make an instant impact than with what you’re wearing. There’s been plenty doom and gloom lately with Brexit, Prime Ministers resigning and who can forget England losing to Iceland in Euro 2016. We’ve got to put a smile back on your face, so check out some of our favourite designs below.

Drinkin About You

A tee for you to wear when you are out with your mates in the bar, and the girl wants to know what you’re thinking. You’re not thinking, you’re drinking! 😀 Get our Drinkin’ About You T Shirt which comes with the words large enough for anyone to read, no matter how drunk you are.

Shh Nobody Cares

We’ve all got that one friend who keeps going on and on about something…You might feel a bit rude telling them to be quiet, because you don’t care, so why not say it with this. Our Shh Nobody Cares T Shirt comes with the slogan printed in a very large style over two lines for maximum impact. This one will come in handy in so many situations.

Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come

This design works on so many levels…Going to the girlfriend’s parents house…Going to work. Going to a friend’s party. Going to the in-laws. Whatever your situation may be, you’ve got to have our Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come T Shirt in your wardrobe for that situation. When you want people to know exactly how you feel, this top will really make a statement.

I’m Not Shy, I Just Don’t Like You

When you are quiet people will assume that you’re a shy person, most people usually are. But maybe you are being quiet because you just don’t want to speak to someone because you don’t like them. We’ve all been there before! Try our I’m Not Shy, I Just Don’t Like You T Shirt on for size, you’ll be glad that you did. Spell it out for the people around you, and let them know you’re not shy at all.

That’s our favourites, what are yours? Have a look at the whole collection over on the funny design pages here, all available in a range of colours in sizes to suit, there’s no excuse not to get yours ready for the Summer!