Funny Men’s T Shirts For August

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We have updated our men’s funny t shirts range for August, and added over fifteen designs to our collections, giving you some brand new, fresh designs and slogans to get your hands on. As usual, all our T Shirts are available in up to ten sizes, with a whole host of different design features. There’s bound to be one which tickles your fancy, here’s a closer look at a couple of our favourites.

Welcome to Loserville – Population: YOU!


This is quite an offensive design, but given to the right group of friends it will get a laugh. Loserville population you is probably not one you’d want to wear yourself, it would make a great present for your friend for a birthday or other event. The loserville print is written in a handwritten style, and looks like a great graphic, with the rest being in a standard bold font.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle


A hilarious printed top, this slogan really speaks volumes. The Single and too socially awkward to mingle T Shirt looks amazing in white with the slogan printed in a piercing blue, and really stands out with the phrase written across five lines. Wear this out, and it’s almost guaranteed to get a few laughs, and who knows, it may even spark a conversation.

There is no we in pizza


If you are a pizza lover then you know that they are not for sharing. There is no we in pizza is a funny T Shirt which explains that, not that it needs explaining. “WE” is printed on it’s own line in a much larger style to get your point across, and people will know that you’re not in a sharing mood, there’s no such thing as sharing when it comes to pizza.

I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes, Song Lyrics And Sarcasm

Light Grey

This funny t shirt has a slogan print which we can all relate to. If you are the kind of person with quotes from films and song lyrics in your head, and you’re not adverse to a bit of sarcasm, this design is right up your street. Printed in a list formatted type, it’s easy to read and understand, and is instantly hilarious.

Brand New Vests For The Gym – August 2015


Happy Monday!

We’ve added a whole host of brand new designs to our funny gym vests collections of our store. We all love working out these days, whether that’s going to the gym, going on a run outdoors or even working out at home, everyone is getting fit these days one way or another. Getting fit is one thing, but you should be doing it while having fun too, which is where our funny gym vests come into play. We have hilarious quotes, inspirational messages and prints which you and everyone down your gym will love.

This summer’s collection has the following additions to it, which can all be bought today from the store :)

Installing Muscles Vest


Like working on your strength? That’s the way to get muscles. If you can be found lifting weights then you’ll get muscles in no time. Until then you’ll have to wait. The installing muscles vest top will suit you down to the ground. The slogan is accompanied by a loading graphic bar which is printed in red, and gives a loading effect as you’d see in computing.

Kiss My Abs


If you’ve worked hard on your physique then this top is for you. Kiss My Abs is a funny slogan which you can wear outside the gym to attract the ladies in your own funny unique way. The print comes in a large style, with each word printed on a different line to maximize the effect.

Everything Hurts And I’m Dying


The phrase we can most relate to when talking about fitness. Everything hurts and I’m dying is a quote which makes us laugh every time, probably because it’s true. The slogan is printed across the shirt in a medium style, which is easy to read and not too large.

I Hate Running Vest


Running is a great cardio workout, it’s something that we all do, but most of us don’t like to do it. Get the I Hate Running vest top to express how you feel. You can get this which will look funny if you wear it while running, and will make people around you laugh.

Strong Is The New Skinny


We go to the gym for ourselves, to get fit and look amazing, while building up core strength. The Strong is the new skinny vest sends out a powerful message with a large printed graphic on the front of the top.

All of these plus a whole load more of designs are available right now at Lush T Shirts, available in sizes Small to XXL in black and white colour combinations of vests.

Retro Thursdays – Top 10 Amiga Games From The 90’s

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Last time out we had a look at our favourite top 10 SEGA Megadrive games, one of our favourite consoles of the 90s. There was however a computer which we loved, and we know that you did too…The Amiga! From the Amiga 500, A500+, 1200 and even the little 600, we owned them all and they probably ruled out childhood even more than the SNES and Megadrive did. The Amiga era was simply amazing, and it kicked off so many genres and franchises of games which we are still playing today. Those days are the inspiration behind many of the 90s T Shirts which we’re doing, inspired by gaming as well as music and pop culture of the day. Here’s a breakdown of our favourite games, the top 10. We cannot put them in an order because each one brings back so many good memories, so this is a very much unordered list.

Our Favourite 90’s Amiga Games


Championship Manager Series

We were first hooked on Championship Manager End Of Season 94, and have played every game since. I remember losing the EOS update and had to go to CM93 which was just as amazing, even though it was obviously from the season before! You could only manage in the English leagues, but that all changed in 1995. CM Italia was launched and gave us the chance to play Serie A and manage in Italy. Playing with teams such as AC Milan and Juventus, it was an iconic and probably still the best ever era in Italian football, with players like Baggio, Ravanelli, Vialli, Del Piero and more! Saturday mornings watching Gazetta Football Italia while playing CM Italia was the norm. for quite a while! 😀


Sensible Soccer Series

The most addictive football playing game there was, we consider ourselves lucky to have been a kid in the 90’s. Sensible Soccer or Sensi Soccer as we called it was amazing. It was the football game to play with your friends, you could create and edit teams and league, and it was so much fun. Later came Sensible World Of Soccer, allowing management and opening up more teams. It was never going to replace Champ Man, and we did not want that. The gameplay in SWOS was improved, and we’ll always love it.


Jaguar XJ220

A racing game which was so good to play as a co-op. You and your friend would drive Jaguar XJ220 cars and battle with each other while both driving for the same team. The computer players would be driving for other teams, and leaderboards were published at the end of each race. There was real damage to your car, and you had to spend your winnings on fixing it up so you were competitive in the next race.


Microprose Grand Prix

Way ahead of it’s time and loved by many was the best racing sim, Microprose Grand Prix. All fans of F1 with an Amiga would have played this game, and it was epic. Geoff Crammond was the brainchild of this game, which saw you play on every F1 track including legendary Monaco. The sequels GP2, 3 and 4 later followed on the PC, and although the games are not officially being updated, it has a core community online who are making updates for GP4.


Speedball 2 – Brutal Deluxe

The Bitmap Brother hit a home run with Speedball 2, Brutal Deluxe. It was a mix of a football style game with a futuristic hockey type of gameplay. You could score goals and injure your opponents, get power-ups and more. It provided hours of fun, and there’s nothing like it in the gaming world any more which is sad.



Little purple guys which you had to control and tell what to do otherwise they’d die. Yes, we’re talking some real lemmings here! 😉 It was a game which is iconic, not one of our favourites of all time, but we did play this to death (literally) and it was loved by many.


Desert Strike

Looking back at computer games, Desert Strike does not seem to have the depth, and kids of today would probably not like it. It was, however quite a favourite of ours. Shooting rockets, cannon and Hellfire missiles at the enemy was great, and controlling a helicopter gunship was something fresh and original. It’s a game we fondly remember, the sequels Jungle and Urban Strike not so much! 😀


Cannon Fodder

The game which started an entire genre? That’s what we think of when we think Cannon Fodder. Developed by Sensible Software, the same group behind Sensible Soccer, this game was an instant hit. Control your platoon and defeat the enemy in this top down game, it blazed the trail for games like Command & Conquer.


Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

An arcade style racing game in your bedroom, it must be Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Our favourite incarnation was Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge II, and spent hours playing this arcade style game.


Theme Park

Hours and hours were spent constructing the perfect amusement park, of course that can only mean Theme Park. It was such an immersive experience, not only creating the perfect theme park but a full business sim, with a stock market and having to battle against other park owners. This was the most fun, from the small rides to large rollercoasters, ice cream parlours, fast food vendors and who can forget those horrible staff who would keep asking for a raise.

That’s our little roundup of some of our favourite games for the Amiga, we have left out a few so we may have to do a part 2 of this 😉 What were your favourite games?

90’s Retro Gaming – Top 10 Sega Megadrive Games

90s Stuff, Gaming, Retro

What an amazing decade the 90’s was, and the SEGA Megadrive was a huge part of it. Home gaming really took shape in the early to mid 90’s, with the 8-bit era kicking everything off, the 16-bit SEGA Megadrive took the baton and ran with it, and it was a glorious time in games consoles, along with it’s later rival, the Super Nintendo.

We think of this as retro gaming these days, and it’s something we fondly remember. What were the best games back then? There’s one hell of a list of some good ones, but we’ve hand picked 10 from our childhood which brought us the most fun on the Megadrive.


Sonic The Hedgehog

Specifically Sonic 2, but it all began with Sonic. Sonic 2 was a huge hit, primarily because it came with the popular Megadrive II console along with a pack of other games too. The original Sonic was good, but the 2nd instalment took it to a whole new level, and something we played for hours on end.


Sensible Soccer

Probably the best football game we played, if not the most enjoyable. Sensible Soccer defined a generation, and we loved it on the Amiga, but more people had a Megadrive so playing it at friends houses meant playing that version. Organising mini leagues with friends was always so much fun, and using the editor too…Happy days!


FIFA International Soccer

The game made it’s debut in 16-bit and it was a step up from an old favourite, Sensible Soccer which is legendary in itself. FIFA brought us an isometric view rather than top down or side scrolling, and used motion captured technology for the first time. The first edition did not feature real players but was a massive success, and we know it’s gone on to become the biggest name in football with EA Sports.


Road Rash

We remember this game for being such good fun. It was a motorbike racing game where you could kick other riders, and were encouraged to do so to make it easier to win the race. There was P.E. No1, the villain who was of course Public Enemy Number One, and you could even come up against the police who would stop you and it would be game over.


Streets Of Rage

Another side scrolling classic game! Streets Of Rage, and the later sequels were amazing and provided hours of fun. The best part of games like these were the co-op modes, playing two players as a team and defeating the bad guys.

Golden Axe

A classic games from the arcades which made it on to the Mega Drive which we loved, Golden Axe. You had the choice of three characters to pick from, each with their own weapon and skill. Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead. Again this was a 2 play co-op which provided hours of fun for you and your friends.

The Revenge Of Shinobi

One of the original games we remember playing, the side scrolling platform taught us the word shuriken along with hours of fun throwing them at bad guys. The original ninja game for us to play, we always remember this being quite tough, with hard end of level bosses to fight.

Mortal Kombat

It was released on several platforms, but the SEGA Megadrive version Is the one we fondly remember. Playing as characters such as Sub Zero and Scorpion, it was a cool fighting game where you and a bunch of friends could play little tournaments against each other.

Altered Beast

A SEGA original, the classic Altered Beast was a beat-em-up side scrolling game, with the usual but addictive style of co-opping with a friend or playing solo and beating everything which stood in your way, then defeating the end boss. Not one of the favourites from us, but still loved and remembered.


NHL 95

NHL 95 was the top-down ice hockey game everyone has played, but never really understood the rules (What is icing, it has nothing to do with cake!). It was also almost impossible to score goals, which is why we played with no goalkeepers when we played against each other. Still, it was a fun game, and one we all remember playing.

We have of course not forgotten about others such as Street Fighter, but those were best played on other consoles such as the SNES, so you can read our top 10 SNES Games to find which made it into that top list. If this trip down memory lane is something you’ve liked then you should check out some gaming T Shirts from us. They’ll take you back to your childhood and you can reminisce in the style and comfort of wearing a geek shirt from us.

Get A T-Shirt For The New Football Season


Well the wait is over and it’s almost here! The football season is back, and it all kicks off at the weekend! We’re so excited to have football back, with no Euros or World Cup this summer we’ve been starved of any footy since mid May, but we’ll soon be up and running again, and it’s going to be amazing!

I know they say it every year at the start of each football season, but it could be the closest Premier League in England for a long time. Chelsea were far superior last time round, won the league by 8 points and only lost 2 games (once against Newcastle!). As the season comes closer their challengers have been spending some big money, with Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd spending huge, and Arsenal getting a new number one in the form of ex-Chelsea man Petr Cech.

We’re celebrating with a couple of our favourite funny football t shirts. Everyone loves a good quote, and we have some cool statements and football related humour printed on our super soft tees. Here’s a look at some of our favourites you should be wearing this season :)

I would love it if we beat them, love it!


We all remember that quote, I would love it if we beat them, love it! Kevin Keegan’s boys never got round to beating Man United that season, and finished 2nd in the league, and have never every hit the heights of the mid to late 90s. You can relive the good times in this top.

Let’s Be Aving You

Let's Be Aving You Men's T-Shirt

Norwich are back in the Premier League! Why is this exciting news? Well it means we get more of Delia Smith, and that could mean another Let’s Be Avin You quote! The hilarious outburst came at half time of a Norwich game when they were losing. It failed to inspire, and Norwich lost. The video went viral, and is now loved by millions.

Unbelievable Jeff


Jeff and the boys will be back on Soccer Saturday, which is the ritual for any football fan on a Saturday afternoon. Fans of Chris Kamara will know all about this shirt, which makes the Unbelievable Jeff statement, and is always funny. You can make everyone’s day at the pub while watching the match in this top.

That’s just a taste of our football T Shirts which you can find in store, all available in a large range of colours for your team and in the size to suit you.

80s Fancy Dress Party Costume Ideas


One of the best decades the world has seen, we’re talking about the glory days of the 1980s. It was an iconic 10 years in the world, with a lot of good and bad, but mostly good, some great memories and good times which we all look back on and remember fondly. There was the music, great TV, blockbuster films and a whole lot more. The 80’s theme for parties is one which is popular, and you’re likely to go to one at least once in your life, but what should you wear to one of these shindigs? Here’s a look at some 80s fancy dress party costumes to give you an idea of what to wear.

Choose Life T-shirt

Go Simple With A Retro T Shirt

One of the most simple ways you can get into the 80’s spirit is by getting an 80’s style T Shirt. This is the most low maintenance and probably cheapest way of looking the part at any 80’s themed party. Fashion was big in the 1980s, and all you have to do is pick a particular event or situation which fits in with the 80s. We have a whole load of retro t shirts for you to pick from, inspired by tv, film, music and general life in the 80s.

If you were a fan of Wham! and music, then our Frankie Say Relax T Shirt and Choose Life T Shirt are two of the best products you can get for such an occasion. Wearing these you’ll be instantly recognisible and everyone will know the exact look you’re trying to pull off. Better still, it’s just a tee, and will work with jeans or team it with other fancy dress from the era.

Ghostbusters Outfit

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! A big film was Ghostbusters, and it’s a legend of a film. They may be making a reboot, but it will not beat the original. The original Ghostbusters was released in 1984 and starred Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd who set up business as a ghost removal service. Some of the most epic Ghostbusters outfits we’ve seen even come with mock proton pack. Just remember not to cross the streams 😉


Scouser Costume

Calm down, calm down…We’re talking about a fully blown Scouser costume. These are hilarious, and comprise of a shell suit, big curly perm hair and a tash. It’s a pretty easy to pull off the stereotypical Liverpool look, and it’s one which does not take too much explaining which is always a good thing when it comes to fancy dress.

Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit

One of the most iconic music videos of all time, Thriller was a hit in the 80’s for Michael Jackson. The jacket he wore is legendary, and if you wear this it will bring back childhood memories for everyone at the party. Check out for some inspiration, team it with some red trousers and even a wig. There was also the scene where he was a werewolf, wearing a bomber jacket, so if you want to go the whole hog you can attempt to pull that off.

Top Gun Theme

I feel the need, the need for speed! You can be my wingman anytime. Top Gun is one of the most loved films still to this day, and it’s one where you can use as a theme for an 80’s party. Whether you’re Maverick, Iceman or want to be another one of the characters from Top Gun. Dress up in the flight gear, or why not in an all white captain costume for the extra dapper look.

Whatever you choose for your 80s retro party costume, make it a good one and you’ll have a blast! :)

Favourite Funny Stand Up Comedians


If there’s one thing which can make us laugh it’s stand up comedians, however some are much more funny than others. It all depends on the style of your sense of humour, as well as how good they are at telling jokes and making you laugh. What makes a good stand up act anyway? One of the things we like most are the memorable slogans and catchphrases which some of them have; They’re instantly recognisable, and they’re something we’re waiting to hear them say with anticipation. Here’s just a few of our favourites.


Paul Chowdhry

What’s happening white people! It’s the opening line from one of our favourite stand up comedians, Paul Chowdhry. How funny is this man? Very is our answer. We first noticed him on Channel 4’s stand up for the week, and once we saw that, we were hooked. His jokes are hilarious, the delivery is the best, and of course his trademark funny slogan, what’s happening white people is something to remember. He’s gone on to do his own DVD, and live from the Apollo. Did we mention he was a snazzy dresser as well? Check him out here.


Romesh Ranganathan

What can we say about Romesh other than he’s just a funny guy. He’s been on Mock The Week and a regular on Stand Up For The Week, and supports Arsenal, which is always good for a laugh. He taught maths, strangely lots of comedians have a background in schools; They are quite a comical place.


Greg Davies

Speaking of teachers becoming comics, Greg Davies is another one of these. In fact he was a teacher, comedian, and then of course played a teacher in the infamous Inbetweeners as MR Gilbert which was a hilarious character. You can check out his DVD, , which is hilarious and well worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it.

If you find these comedians funny then you clearly have a great sense of humour, and make sure you show that off with one of our funny t shirts. There’s plenty of exclusive designs which you’ll only find at Lush, and we’ve been inspired by the humour and comedy from everyone in the game, with quotes and general banter.

Who is your favourite stand up comic in the UK?

Fun House Came Back!

90s Stuff

They really did re run the fun, but does that mean Funhouse will make a permanent comeback? It was one of the best kids shows in the 90’s, and one that everyone wanted to be on. Of course we’re talking going into the Fun House, which was hosted by Pat Sharp and the twins, Melanie and Martina. This year they brought it back as a tiny event for a one time live show, and recreated the fun house and had contestant and almost everything the original show had.


The original series of shows got screened once again on Challenge TV, and everyone got to reminisce in some great 90’s nostalgia; From Pat Sharp’s funky 90s fashion to the fun kart grand prix, it brings back memories of the wacky, fun, crazy times the show had.

If you’ve never seen the show before then you’re either too young or left the planet in the early 90’s. It’s a game show where two teams battle it out against each other in rounds, with the winner going into the fun house to win cool prizes, including a grand prize if they’re able to get it. There’s the red team and the yellow team, each wearing a funhouse T Shirt, and have their own cheerleader helping them along the way, one of the twins, either Melanie or Martina. There’s gunge and slime, questions in between each round and the final stage is the fun kart grand prix to win lots of points. They really don’t make kids TV like this any more (but they should!)

If you’re lucky you can catch the re-runs on TV when they’re sometimes broadcast, and be reminded of catchphrases as “Use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game!”.


Hilarious Alternative Ad Slogans


A good brand or product needs a good slogan, but what should these brands really be saying about their products and themselves? We’ve come across some hilarious alternative slogans to brands which you may find really funny. These are really more honest statements than a slogan, so it’s probably a good job they didn’t pass through marketing 😉

fun-ad-slogans5 fun-ad-slogans4 fun-ad-slogans3 fun-ad-slogans2 fun-ad-slogans1

Which is your favourite? We love them all, and can’t stop laughing at these. It’s just a shame that they’re completely fictional and none of them are actually real :( If you love these, then you should have a look at our slogan T Shirts, making a statement can be a funny thing, so if that’s your idea of fun then you’ll find something here you’ll love :)

Brand New Funny Slogan Vests For Summer



We have been hard at work at Lush T Shirts to bring you the best in the form of some hilarious slogan vests for this summer season. It’s already in full swing, and we’re right near the middle of the summer season, so it’s the perfect time to get your vest game on. The weather is beautiful, it’s warm and sunny, and if you’re going away on holiday then it’s the perfect time to get yourself a vest for your trip abroad! Here’s a couple of our favourite vests which are available to buy right now.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle Vest


A really funny slogan, single and too socially awkward to mingle is a vest top for those who are a bit on the shy side. You can get it in white, with electric blue coloured slogan which looks really cool and will be perfect for a night on the town or a bar crawl on holiday.

Happy Wife Happy Life Vest


A slogan for any husband to live by. You really need to make this your statement for life if you want to keep the missus happy. It’s the key to any successful marriage, happy wife, happy life. You can get this top which has the slogan printed on two lines from us today, and let everyone know who’s the boss in your household.

Zero Fucks Given Vest


For those that don’t care, that don’t give a shit and do as they please, our Zero Fucks Given vest is the one to have. The statement has each word on separate lines which gives maximum exposure to the statement, and you can really get your message across. It comes in black or white, and it will get you noticed.

Those are just a couple of our vest tops, all of which you can find here. Here at Lush T Shirts we now do sizes small all the way up to XXL so there’s a size which will suit you. All tops come in either black or white, with the design and graphics created specially for these vest tops.

Which is your favourite?