Fun House Came Back!

90s Stuff

They really did re run the fun, but does that mean Funhouse will make a permanent comeback? It was one of the best kids shows in the 90’s, and one that everyone wanted to be on. Of course we’re talking going into the Fun House, which was hosted by Pat Sharp and the twins, Melanie and Martina. This year they brought it back as a tiny event for a one time live show, and recreated the fun house and had contestant and almost everything the original show had.


The original series of shows got screened once again on Challenge TV, and everyone got to reminisce in some great 90’s nostalgia; From Pat Sharp’s funky 90s fashion to the fun kart grand prix, it brings back memories of the wacky, fun, crazy times the show had.

If you’ve never seen the show before then you’re either too young or left the planet in the early 90’s. It’s a game show where two teams battle it out against each other in rounds, with the winner going into the fun house to win cool prizes, including a grand prize if they’re able to get it. There’s the red team and the yellow team, each wearing a funhouse T Shirt, and have their own cheerleader helping them along the way, one of the twins, either Melanie or Martina. There’s gunge and slime, questions in between each round and the final stage is the fun kart grand prix to win lots of points. They really don’t make kids TV like this any more (but they should!)

If you’re lucky you can catch the re-runs on TV when they’re sometimes broadcast, and be reminded of catchphrases as “Use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game!”.