Hilarious Alternative Ad Slogans


A good brand or product needs a good slogan, but what should these brands really be saying about their products and themselves? We’ve come across some hilarious alternative slogans to brands which you may find really funny. These are really more honest statements than a slogan, so it’s probably a good job they didn’t pass through marketing 😉

fun-ad-slogans5 fun-ad-slogans4 fun-ad-slogans3 fun-ad-slogans2 fun-ad-slogans1

Which is your favourite? We love them all, and can’t stop laughing at these. It’s just a shame that they’re completely fictional and none of them are actually real :( If you love these, then you should have a look at our slogan T Shirts, making a statement can be a funny thing, so if that’s your idea of fun then you’ll find something here you’ll love :)