Favourite Funny Stand Up Comedians


If there’s one thing which can make us laugh it’s stand up comedians, however some are much more funny than others. It all depends on the style of your sense of humour, as well as how good they are at telling jokes and making you laugh. What makes a good stand up act anyway? One of the things we like most are the memorable slogans and catchphrases which some of them have; They’re instantly recognisable, and they’re something we’re waiting to hear them say with anticipation. Here’s just a few of our favourites.


Paul Chowdhry

What’s happening white people! It’s the opening line from one of our favourite stand up comedians, Paul Chowdhry. How funny is this man? Very is our answer. We first noticed him on Channel 4’s stand up for the week, and once we saw that, we were hooked. His jokes are hilarious, the delivery is the best, and of course his trademark funny slogan, what’s happening white people is something to remember. He’s gone on to do his own DVD, and live from the Apollo. Did we mention he was a snazzy dresser as well? Check him out here.


Romesh Ranganathan

What can we say about Romesh other than he’s just a funny guy. He’s been on Mock The Week and a regular on Stand Up For The Week, and supports Arsenal, which is always good for a laugh. He taught maths, strangely lots of comedians have a background in schools; They are quite a comical place.


Greg Davies

Speaking of teachers becoming comics, Greg Davies is another one of these. In fact he was a teacher, comedian, and then of course played a teacher in the infamous Inbetweeners as MR Gilbert which was a hilarious character. You can check out his DVD, , which is hilarious and well worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it.

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Who is your favourite stand up comic in the UK?