Funny Men’s T Shirts For August

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We have updated our men’s funny t shirts range for August, and added over fifteen designs to our collections, giving you some brand new, fresh designs and slogans to get your hands on. As usual, all our T Shirts are available in up to ten sizes, with a whole host of different design features. There’s bound to be one which tickles your fancy, here’s a closer look at a couple of our favourites.

Welcome to Loserville – Population: YOU!


This is quite an offensive design, but given to the right group of friends it will get a laugh. Loserville population you is probably not one you’d want to wear yourself, it would make a great present for your friend for a birthday or other event. The loserville print is written in a handwritten style, and looks like a great graphic, with the rest being in a standard bold font.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle


A hilarious printed top, this slogan really speaks volumes. The Single and too socially awkward to mingle T Shirt looks amazing in white with the slogan printed in a piercing blue, and really stands out with the phrase written across five lines. Wear this out, and it’s almost guaranteed to get a few laughs, and who knows, it may even spark a conversation.

There is no we in pizza


If you are a pizza lover then you know that they are not for sharing. There is no we in pizza is a funny T Shirt which explains that, not that it needs explaining. “WE” is printed on it’s own line in a much larger style to get your point across, and people will know that you’re not in a sharing mood, there’s no such thing as sharing when it comes to pizza.

I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes, Song Lyrics And Sarcasm

Light Grey

This funny t shirt has a slogan print which we can all relate to. If you are the kind of person with quotes from films and song lyrics in your head, and you’re not adverse to a bit of sarcasm, this design is right up your street. Printed in a list formatted type, it’s easy to read and understand, and is instantly hilarious.