Brand New Funny T-Shirts This Week At Lush


What’s up!

So we’ve been hard at work as usual to bring you some of the best, hilarious funny T-Shirts with brand new fresh designs and prints just for you. As usual we’ve looked towards humour and popular culture in our funny collections, and we’ve found some pretty good, relevant inspiration as you’ll see…


The ‘in’ thing at the moment, in fact for a year or two has been the humble beard. They’ve fashionable, cool, trendy and so many men have started growing them again. One reason could be because of the Movember craze that’s been going for a couple of years, and people are embracing their facial hair. We’ve taken this popular culture style and created a funny slogan T-Shirt with bearded graphic; There’s A Name For People Without Beards…Women. This top looks pretty good in white with black print, and is a sure fire hit for the guy who loves his beard. It’s not just a fashion statement, but a way of life.

Royale With Cheese T-Shirt

What do they call a quarter pounder with Cheese in Paris, France? That would be a Royale With Cheese! This T-Shirt comes with a Lush T Shirts original graphic in the form of golden yellow and red print. We’ve created a burger style logo to the front of the shirt, with red slogan and a typical bun creating the Royale With Cheese design. Hungry retro film fans of the 90’s will like this funny top.

Both of these designs plus a whole lot more are available in our store now :)