TFI Friday Is Back On Channel 4 – Relive The 90’s

Pop Culture


That’s right! Tomorrow, Friday 12th June 2015 see’s the return of one of the most iconic TV shows from the 90’s is back! TFI Friday makes a 90’s style return tomorrow on Channel 4, live at 9PM. The show that brought us features such as baby left baby right, freak or unique and the lord of love as well as plenty other complete funny randomness will now be seen by a new generation.

All the old guys are back, that’s Chris Evans and Danny Baker, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. There’ll be the usual 90’s shenanigans, great music and probably plenty of celeb guests. It’s also the first time the show’s going out after the watershed, it was previously on at 6PM. This is probably a good thing since the whole Shaun Ryder swearing incident.

We love the 90’s, it was the best decade ever, and we have plenty of 90’s T Shirts to remember the good old days. Sure, we may have Twitter and Instagram now, but we don’t have sink or swim anymore!

Will the new generation take to TFI Friday? Is this one-off special going to be the start of a full re-boot of the show? We hope so! :)