The Best Christmas Movies

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Christmas is almost here, we’re excited because it means that we can watch our favourite Christmas films all over the holiday period. There’s not  a lot better than kicking back and watching some classic Christmas movies, and there are a couple which we love and you probably do too. So, while we’re sitting around in our sweats and novelty Christmas T Shirts, we’ll be enjoying these films, all of which we’ve already seen a million times before, but another few times will not hurt 😀

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - Best Christmas Film Of All Time!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Simply the best Christmas film ever created. It’s may be 25 years old this year, but it’s still so funny it has us laughing at the same jokes year in, year out. Chevy Chase aka Clark W Griswald and his family on yet another adventure, this time in their own home where they invite the entire family down to stay with them, and have one big Griswald family Christmas. Of course he does not bank on his brother in law Eddie stopping by, and when Clark doesn’t get his Christmas bonus this time round he goes insane, and Eddie kidnaps his boss and brings him to the house. The lines Shitters Full and Tis The Season To Be Mary spring to mind! 😉


Home Alone

Poor little Kevin is always left out and forgotten about, so much so that his family forget to take him on their holiday! Not to worry, they eventually figure it out, but it’s a bit too late by then. Luckily 8-year old Kevin has a whale of a time, that is until he learns that the wet bandits Marv and Harry aka Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are breaking into houses in the neighbourhood, and his is next. He sets up some booby-traps and catches the criminals, and is reunited with the family.


Die Hard

It’s John McClane vs Hans Gruber in this action packed film. Hans Gruber and his highly organised terrorist friends have taken over Nakatomi Towers and have hostages held in there, including John McClane’s wife. They’re attempting to steal$640  million in bearer bonds, but John McClane has different ideas. A few explosions and a yippee ki yay motherfucker later and he’s back with his estranged wife Holly. Poor Hans’s demise sees him fall from Nakatomi Towers to his death.


Home Alone 2

The same thing couldn’t happen to the same kid twice right? Wrong! Home Alone 2 sees Macaulay Culkin Home Alone for the second time…But not at home, he’s in New York City. Yes, they take him with them this time, he unfortunately gets on the wrong plane and ends up in the Big Apple. You’ll never guess who he runs into in New York? Yes, the same bad guys from the first film! Talk about bad luck. He then discovers they are going to knock off the Toy Store so Kevin leads them away to his house of booby-traps again.


Die Hard 2

Yes it’s happening again…again! Not only 2 Home Alone’s at Christmas Time, two Die Hard films too! Attention Dullas Tower…We’re landing an aircraft. Die Hard 2 is set in a snowy Dullas airport where an International drug lord General Ramon Esperanza is being flown in. Terrorists then take over the airport as they’re working for Esperanza and want to get him free… The terrorists take over the airport remotely from a nearby church, overriding all the airport systems and not allowing planes to land. Who’s at the airport, yes, it’s the most unlucky man, John McClaine. He’s waiting for he’s wife’s plane, which happens to be in the sky and cannot land because of the terrorists. It’s up to John McClane to save the day once again! 😀

What are your favourite Christmas films, and what can’t you wait to watch this year in front of a warm fire or under a cosy blanket?