Brand New Men’s Slogan T Shirts

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We’ve added some great brand new slogan T shirts for men this week at Lush :) Slogan tees are the backbone of what we do, and we love the simplicity of text on a shirt. Whether it’s making a statement, telling a joke, a cool quote or just one or two key words, phrases on shirts are here, and here to stay. We’ve been getting our print on with these designs, which are inspired by everything from humour to pop culture and have been created for your enjoyment. Let’s look at a couple of our favourites this week.

Cash Only T Shirt


A cool statement t shirt is our cash only shirt. With the slogan printed in a large style with both words on individual lines, it’s a clear and simple message. We’ve been out and about in bars and clubs which have these cash only signs, meaning they aren’t taking credit cards. Cash is king as they say, and we love all that paper! 😉

Zero Fucks Given T Shirt


Those who like a bit of an offensive slogan t shirt will like this one. If you’re looking for something a little more edgy with a bit of attitude, the Zero Fucks Given top will fit the bill. This design is no-nonsense, with the slogan written in a large style of writing and will really get your message across that you really don’t give a damn. It looks really cool in black, with contrasting white text.

I’m On The List T Shirt


If you’re a bit of a VIP or player then you’ll probably be on the list. Great for going out clubbing, don’t be one of the fools standing around in the queue waiting to get into the place, if you’re on the list your in. If your names not down you’re not coming in is a recognisable phrase, well as long as you’re wearing this design people will know how important you are. Our I’m on the list T Shirt features print which is really easy to read and understand, many will gaze with amazement at this top.

And there you have it, three of our favourite brand new slogan t shirts. All are available right now at Lush T Shirts, in a large selection of sizes you’ll find them in up to ten colours, so you’ll easily be able to find one in your favourite style.