Favourite Celebrity Moustaches

Pop Culture

The tash, stache, moustache…Whatever you call the facial hair, it’s a bit talking point these days, largely thanks to fashion and more notably, Movember. Movember is the month where guys go 30 days and grow this iconic piece of facial hair, and all in a good cause. It’s got us thinking, who’s had the most memorable moustache in celebrity world, and who’s been our favourite stashe growers.


Lionel Richie

Once, twice, three times a tash wearer. Lionel Richie and his tash are quite iconic, he’s rocked a couple of different styles of moustaches, all have been as great as hit hit songs.


Scatman John

Bee-ba-ba-ba-ba-bo…I’m A Scatman! Yes, you’ve probably forgotten all about the 90s dance pop legend that was Scatman John who sadly passed away in 1999. His amazing hit Scatman actually didn’t make it to the top of the UK charts, only getting to number 3, but it will always be remembered as a 90s classic.


Earl from My Name Is Earl

The king of Karma is also a tash supporter. where would Earl be without his moustache? Randy would probably not recognise him and the world would be a much sadder place.

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Who’s your favourite all time moustache grower?