Funny Childish Jokes On T Shirts At Lush

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Helli there! 😀

It’s Monday, and we’ve been feeling like little kids again, and thinking about some of the worst jokes and most un-funny things which we’ve seen or heard over the years. There are so many things, but a few things have proved popular, and we’ve designed a couple of funny tees which reflect how bad these so called jokes were…

The Upside Down Calculator Words

We’ve all done it…When you were at school you could get a calculator and turn it upside down and make funny, rude or even random words on it….There was the whole Shell Oil joke, which was apparently quite a big joke, although when we were in primary school we didn’t really know it 😀


Another one was Boobies, or Boobless, which you could write if you type 5318008. It was funny at the time, but maybe not so much when you’re an adult. Still, you can go back and remember the laughs you had with this design.


What about the old Updog…You’ll find a way to cleverly mention the word updog, and then someone would ask What’s updog? which is humorous in itself, and even sounds like a Bugs Bunny What’s Up Dock impression.


One which does actually still have us laughing is Duckdo. You have to be slightly clever when trying to get this in, and be quiet subtle when trying to put it in a conversation. You could say I went to this party and it was a bit of a duckdo…Someone will almost certainly ask you “What does a duck do” and you can hilariously say, QUACK QUACK! :mrgreen:

For those with a childish sense of humour or just want to reminisce about the good old days of being a kid, you’ll find these right now at Lush T Shirts, ready to buy. Which is your favourite? xoxo :)