T-Shirts For Movember

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November is almost here and you know what that means…Movember! The month where guys can stop shaving and grow a stache is upon us, but will you be rocking a tash or not? Moustaches, beards and just about any kind of facial hair is trendy and cool these days, so people are growing their facial hair like never before! If you want to join in but don’t shave, have no fear, because we’ve got some really funny moustache T-Shirts right here which will have you sorted without the hassle of a tash.


I’d like to stay and chat, but I really moustache T-Shirt

The joke is on the T-Shirt! Moustache or must dash…haha! 😉 If you like this kind of humour then you will love this design, a printed slogan along with the moustache graphic.


I Moustache You A Question T-Shirt

Another play on words, this text tee has the tash across the shirt giving the print a cool look and still instantly recognisable and funny.

Hipster Moustache T-Shirt

Hipster Moustache

The hipster moustache design features a moustache graphic along with a pair of hipster clear glasses. It’s a good look to be seen if, and if you’re a hipster or hipster wannabe then you’ll be quite the trendsetter in this hilarious shirt.

All moustache Tees are available to buy right now at Lush T Shirts, available in small to XXL and in a range of colours, they are the things to be seen in for the month of Movember.