New Women’s T-Shirts At Lush – 2nd September 2014 Update

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The September 02 drop has landed at Lush, and we have something amazing for all you ladies! Designs inspired from pop culture, music, slogans and films head the bill for our latest women’s T-shirts. Let’s check out what is available in store for you right now!


Capitalism T Shirt

For those who love the capitalist life we have this cool design, which is looking fresh on a white tee. Inspired from the large blue chip brands such as Coca Cola, Microsoft and Apple this design comes in curly funky text which will get you noticed.


You Me Oui T Shirt

How’s your French? Even if it’s terrible you’ll understand that this means You, Me, YES! The design has oversized text which looks really cool, setting off the tee with the wording cleverly spaced from right to left, with centralised OUI wording.


Whatever Women’s T-Shirt

The word which can be an answer to every possible question. WHATEVER! This slogan top is printed with a block, and the lettering removed to give it the effect of the text. Grab it on a white or black tee.


Flawless T-Shirt

If you’re feeling particularly fearless and flawless then this is the obvious pick for you. Printed with neon pink it is set off well on a black T-shirt, with Flawless wording. Music lovers will want this in their life.

Light Pink

I’m A Cool Mom T-Shirt

For the cool mother hubbards out there we’ve come up with this printed shirt, in a fitted ladies style. I’m A Cool Mom slogan Is written in a large style so the world will know that you are in fact a cool mum.


A Little Bit Dramatic T-Shirt

A phrase which could sum up so many girls, whether you’re being sarcastic or truthful, there is plenty of drama to go around. The top looks best in white with red print, which has a curved top and the rest of the print is across the shirt. If you like this you’ll love our T-shirts inspired by Mean Girls, anyone who loves films and popular culture will feel right at home.

Get all of these this week for only £11.99, but hurry, our earlybird offer is only on until midnight Sunday! 😀