Valentines Day At Lush T Shirts

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It’s time for cupid to pick up his arrow and start shooting, Valentines Day is upon us! Lush loves Valentines Day, the day for love, and the day for a bit of fun and showing your partner how you feel. We of course express ourselves in the medium of T-Shirts, is there any other way?! ;)

We’ve got some cracking designs which we hope you’ll find cute and fun, so let’s start with a couple of our favourites for Valentines Day this year at Lush.

Light Pink

This Is What An Awesome Girlfriend Looks Like

What else can we say about this? It pretty much says it all. Guys, if you have an awesome girlfriend with a sense of humour, then this is the top she needs to be seen in. As seen here in a light pink T-Shirt, the design comes in neon pink which really sets off the colour of the tee well.


World’s OKAYEST Boyfriend

If you like your boyfriend but don’t want to show him too much love, this is the design for you. Treat ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen as they say, which is what this T-Shirt could do. A funny tee if your boyfriend happens to have a sense of humour.


She’s With Me

If you want the world to know that the girl on your arm is in fact your girlfriend, then this will let them know. Our She’s With Me design comes in a large printed slogan type, and a finger pointing to the side to let people know that she’s your girlfriend. We also do a He’s With Me design too, so you can wear one each and be in perfect harmony! :D


I Love You With Heart Print

What better way to say I Love you than saying it on a T-Shirt. We can’t think of a better idea. This is the plain and simple message which you can give your girlfriend or wife, and features the black text along with a red heart.

All of these T-Shirts are available right now at Lush, plus a whole host more designs we have for both guys and girls. Perfect whether you’re in a brand new relationship or have been married for years, show your love with a tee, and share it with the world.