Brand New Women’s Slogan T Shirts

New In, Womenswear

Hey Lush T Shirts fans! :)

We have added some brand new women’s slogan t shirts to our line up, and it could be one of the best additions yet. We’re right into the summer season now, we’ve had the longest day and we’re into a heat wave, so there’s one thing you need, and that is a T-shirt or two. Luckily we have just added some fresh designs for you to get your hands on, and you can be wearing these right now! Let’s have a look at a couple of our favourites.

Single And Too Socially Awkward To Mingle T Shirt


The slogan t shirt that really does say it all. For all the single ladies out there who are just a little bit too shy, we’ve got this. The text reads Single and too socially awkward to mingle, and looks great on a white tee with electric blue writing. The phrase is split up on to several lines, making it really easy to read and get the message across.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it sarcastically T Shirt


Those who are interested in ironic humour will love this next design. The top reads If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it sarcastically. It’s a slogan for those with a bit of a sharp tongue, and don’t usually have anything nice to say about anyone else. It is of course all in good fun and should not be taken seriously. 😉

There is no we in pizza T Shirt


Everyone likes sharing, sharing is caring…Well that is fine for everything, unless we’re talking pizza. There is no we in pizza is a design which states the obvious. Pizza is definitely not for sharing, if it were they’d probably cut it up into slices or something wouldn’t they? 😉 If you don’t like to share your pizza, not even a slice, or you know someone who’s exactly like this, get them this T-Shirt. The phrase is printed in a large style, with the “WE” wording printed large on it’s own line to make it as distinctive as possible.

Those are our three favourite women’s slogan T Shirts out of our latest collection of brand new fresh designs. All are available to buy right now, in sizes small to XXL and up to 5 colours, there’s a one there which you’ll love.