Mother’s Day At Lush T Shirts


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so have you got your mother something this year? Some ideas could be flowers, chocolates and a card, but why buy the usual obvious presents when you could get something original? Since we are Lush T Shirts we’re obviously talking about some funny Mother’s Day T Shirts, which will put a smile on your mam’s face. We’ve got some which are funny, cute and others with slogans and messages to let your mam know that she’s great! 😀


First up and brand new for 2015 is the Mom Mum Mam Northern Mother’s Day T-Shirt. If you’re like me and are from the North, you’ll know that the correct word to call the woman that gave birth to you is mam. Mum is for Southerners, Mom is for Americans. We say mam. The design features tick boxes with only the mam wording correctly ticked.

Light Pink

In a complete contrast we’ve gone all American with this design. If your mother still thinks she’s with it, then the I’m A Cool Mom T-Shirt is the design to pick for her. The light pink with white text is a perfect soft pastel look, with the large writing making a statement, she is one cool lady.

World's Okayest Mother T-shirt

If you have a sarcastic personality then the World’s Okayest Mother T-Shirt is a good choice to let your mam know you sort of care. If your getting this for her I’m sure she’ll find it funny, as long as she has a sense of humour.

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is 15th March this year, that means you have just over 2 weeks to get yourself organised and buy something for your mam. Make it a year she won’t forget with one of our hilarious designs, she really will love them 😀