Brand New Women’s Slogan T-Shirts

New In, Womenswear

It’s almost March, Spring is on the way and we’ve got some brand new slogan T-Shirts which you are sure to love! Our women’s collection of tees is constantly growing, we’ve added a whole host of funny and pop culture inspired designs which have already been a massive success, and we’ve just added a lot more. This batch really hits the spot, and are great to wear out casually while you’re with your friends. What do we have in store? Check out a few…


Everyone loves taking selfies at the moment and uploading to social media sites like Instagram, so we’ve taken some inspo and created our Instafamous T-Shirt. For girls who’s photos are instantly famous, we have this design which will suit you down to the ground. If you’re a social media fiend and can’t walk past a mirror without snapping a pic, then you’ll understand this print.


In keeping with the social media theme we’ve gone for this printed design, the Please Don’t Feed The Trolls T-Shirt. What is a troll? Well it’s someone online who trolls around the net and looks for opportunities to write nasty things…Don’t these people have lives? Anyway as they say the best way to get rid of them is not to rise, i.e. Don’t Feed Them! 😉 We’re all sick of these people with no lives. Fight back with this clever slogan T-Shirt which in inspired from a simple sign with a powerful message.


What’s the time? It’s Time To Drink Champagne And Dance On The Table of course! :mrgreen: That is my favourite time, whether it’s on a Friday or Saturday night, when the alcohol is flowing, it’s time to take your shoes off, get on the table and bust a move. Just be careful you don’t get thrown out.

Light Pink

We all loved a good old nursery rhyme, and there’s not a funnier one to print on a Tee than this. Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. We’ve flipped that and come up with this cool girls slogan T-Shirt.

That’s just a selection of the women’s T-Shirts we’ve added to Lush this week, to check out them all please view our NEW ARRIVALS page, where you’ll discover a whole host of brand new designs from Lush T Shirts.