What Not To Wear On Your Blind Date For Valentines Day

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It’s almost the big day for loved up people, of course we’re talking about Valentines Day. This year the day of Saint Valentine is on a Saturday, which means it’s the perfect day to do absolutely anything. One thing which you may be doing is meeting a guy or girl for the first time, or even going on a blind date. Blind dates can be scary but can also be fun, You’ll never know what you’re going to get as someone once said ;)

Dressing for the big date is really important, it’s going to be one of the first things your blind date will notice about you, and could make a decision on whether you’re the right one for them or they want to run for the hills :D

Since we’re in the business of funny Valentines Day t shirts we have some hilarious designs which work well in some situations, but we probably wouldn’t recommend wearing them if you’re meeting a guy or girl for the first time, they can be quite shocking! ;) So check out a couple of our best, and worst T-Shirts that you probably don’t want to be wearing, or seeing your date wearing this Valentines Day. If your blind date is wearing one of these it could be a lorra, lorra laughs ;)


trEAT Your Girl Right – If you’re a guy this is probably one you want to stay away from. Unless the girl in question has the most guy-type style of humour then she’ll probably not appreciate you wearing this on your very first date…Although if you make it to date number 2 and beyond it would probably become a very funny story.


The drama queen is most guys idea of a nightmare girl, so it’s not the best idea to advertise yourself as being one of those. The drama Queen Tee will let him know what he’s in for, that’s for sure!


Have you ever been in a situation when you seem to drift off from whatever the girl is saying? If she’s a bit of a babbler and goes on and on it’s better to just zone out, smile and occasionally nod, wearing the I’ve Stopped Listening Why Haven’t You Stopped Talking might give the game away just a little bit though! ;)


If your date goes bad and you see the guy again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if he saw you in this…He’ll be offended, but at least he’ll know how you feel. If you’re going out on your blind date then I Never Liked You Anyway is not a good start.

Light Pink

Has she never had a date for a long time? Beware of the phenomenon that is the Crazy Cat Lady. If you’re a cat lover then this may not be a problem, but if she turns up wearing this you may want to think of a good way to get the hell out of there.


Lots of men are players, some just think they are, it’s sadly a fact. There would be one sure fire way to find out if he is before investing any time in him, that’s if he was wearing this, the I’m Only Here For The Ladies T-Shirt.

That’s just our little roundup of tees you shouldn’t wear yourself, and T-Shirts you don’t want to see your blind date wearing. First impressions last forever, so it’s important to make a good one. However a good sense of humour is something which both sexes say is really important to finding a partner. If you’re looking for a sense of humour, have a gander at this guide, the 6 signs you have a sense of humour here, which gives you a good indicator of what to look for in a sense of humour.