Favourite Valentines Day Films

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Valentines Day is just over a week away, and one activity you can do with your partner is watch Valentines Day films. There’s plenty which your girlfriend will of already seen (and you no doubt!) and Valentines Day is the one night pass that she get’s where you can sit back, get cosy and watch a girly rom-com or otherwise romantic film. What’s in store? Let’s look at some of the favourite Valentines Day films.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Dirty Dancing

Responsible for classic slogans such as Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner and I Carried A Watermelon, we have Dirty Dancing. Set in the early 60’s a young Frances aka Baby takes a holiday with her parents and sister to Kellermans which is run by a friend and client of her dad’s who is a physician. The goody good girl then stumbles across the staff quarters one night, and has a crush on Johnny Castle, one of the dance teachers at the holiday park. His dance partner is pregnant (by one of the bus boys) and so Baby decides to step in for her, dancing at shows in other hotels. They form a secret relationship, which is then exposed and Johnny is fired. In the final scene he comes back and dances with Baby, and earns the respect of DR Houseman, Baby’s father. Read more on Dirty Dancing on IMDB

Tell Me About It...Stud!


Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Blast…Summer Lovin’, Happened So Fast… Grease is all about Danny and Sandy, the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. The movie opens with clips of Danny and Sandy and their summer, and she’s going to Australia with the premise that they will never see each other again. Never comes around fast. It’s the first day back at school and all the gang are now seniors, and exciting news for Sandy, she get’s to stay in the USA. Not only that, she’s going to be going to the same school as her summer fling, Danny Zuko. There’s one problem, Danny has a reputation of being a ladies man, and can’t show the sensitive side he had shown Sandy to the other T-Birds, so when they are finally reunited at the pep rally she’s see’s him as a jerk. He then has to win her back, which he eventually does, right after he races Greased Lightning against the Scorpions and wins. Read more about the Greese film here.

I Want The Fairytale

Pretty Woman

Everyone loves the story of the wealthy business men Edward (Richard Gere) when he gets lost in Los Angeles and has to get directions from a prostitute, Vivienne played by Julia Roberts. He hires her to be his escort for his time in LA, which includes a couple of business meetings. The pair then fall in love.

Love Actually

A more modern day romantic comedy with a star cast, set around Christmas time, this one even involves a Prime Minister (luckily played by Hugh Grant). It’s a collection of stories with couples and different romantic stories, and is a really good film.

Other great films for Valentines Day include Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle. Remember to wear your couples valentines day T-Shirts when you and your girl or boyfriend are getting cosy watching your favourite films with some champagne and chocolates.