10/02/15 – New In This Week – Funny & Slogan Tees

New In

What’s going on Lush people?! :D

We’ve been hard at work creating some really new, funny and fresh slogan tees for you all, and yesterday a couple of them were dropped on our shop. They’re all ready to buy now with super fast UK delivery, so let’s get started and show you our latest designs.


First up is this little number from our funny collections. If you like the odd tipple, then you should feel right at home in our I Only Drink On Days Ending In Y T-Shirt. The joke is quite an obvious one, but that doesn’t stop it from being funny. The slogan is printed in easily readable writing, not too large but big enough to get the message across.


If you’re into science then you’ll know about the thought experiment which is Schrödinger’s cat. If you’re not, then not to worry, because it’s something which has been made quality well known thanks to popular culture and TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. Our Schrodinger’s Cat T-Shirt features a simple one line of text with an image of a box. Is the cat dead or alive? It’s both of course! ;) Penny and Sheldon would be so proud of us knowing that.


In our women’s funny T-Shirts we have this not so subtle message. The Hey You T-Shirt is a straight to the point, no nonsense type of print, in which the large lettering is bold and clear. Shown here in black, it is a ladies fitted style which will go down rather well with those who like a little bit of attention.


When you want to say something nice about someone and you think they are right up your street, there’s no better way of saying it than this. You Are My Cup Of Tea T-Shirt is a phrase which will most will be familiar with. Show someone some love with this design, which features the text in a curly handwritten style to give it a more personal touch. It’s spread over three lines with quite large print making it instantly recognisable.

We think you’ll love these brand new fresh designs, you’ll find the humorous ones in our funny T Shirts collection, all are available in sizes Small to XXL in a vast array of colour options. Why not buy them all and take advantage of our 4 for 3 offers. Keep an eye out on Lush T Shirts, we have a lot more designs coming in the next few weeks ;)