WIFI T Shirts For The Geeks Out There

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Hey! 😀

So today we’ve added some WIFI related geek T Shirts to our store. At Lush we love the Internet (Obvs!) and think that WIFI is the best thing invented since, well, the Internet 😉 But there are some people who take things a bit too far…We love to be online, but there’s some people that go a bit too far, and they have to be connected to WIFI at all times. We’re talking about people who go into bars, restaurants and coffee shops and the first thing they ask before ordering is “Do you have the WIFI password?”. What did we do in life before WIFI? I honestly can’t remember! 😉

If you know someone who is glued to their phone while you and your friends are talking, being social and enjoying life, you may want to get them one of our funny WIFI designs.


Home Is Where The WIFI Connects Automatically T-Shirt

When you’re out and about WIFI is great, but you can’t connect automatically, and usually need the password. Not when you’re in the comfort of your own home, where your WIFI plays nice and you’re connected automatically.


I Love You More Than WIFI

Just the message you want to send to your significant other. Sure, they may look good and be a nice person, but they’ll never replace a strong WIFI connection. With the WIFI and heart logo, let everyone know that your love of WIFI runs deep and true. A hilarious tee which we think you’ll love.


Free WIFI T-Shirt

You’ve probably seen those Free… T-Shirts with a persons name on them. The idea of them is to free someone who’d been unjustly been put in jail. Well there’s a bigger thing to fight for these days, we’re talking about free WIFI. If you believe in a free WIFI world then this ironic design is for you. Oversize wording in light blue which really makes a statement on a white shirt.


What’s Your WIFI Password T-Shirt

Hello, How are you doing? That’s an example of how to start a conversation. If you know someone obsessed with WIFI then you’ll know they get past the pleasantries and go straight for what they want, the WIFI Password. The What’s Your WIFI Password T-Shirt will save important seconds of asking for the password, time better spent on the Internet.

These Geek Tees are available right now on our site right, check it out for some really cool T-Shirts right now. In stock for immediate dispatch, you can get your WIFI quickly with our 48 hours dispatch service.