New In This Week – Funny Men’s T-Shirts – October Drop 2

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Hey Lush people!

This week we’ve added a whole host of Funny T-Shirts for all the guys out there. Lately we’ve had so many women’s tops and tees making their way on to Lush, you probably thought we forgot about you guys, well of course we haven’t! 😉 This week’s drop features a lot of funny men’s shirts which we hope will make you laugh and you’ll enjoy wearing; Whether you’re down the pub, in the office or chilling at home. Let’s have a look at what went down this week…


Friday – Weekend Loading T-Shirt

We clearly made this with casual Fridays in the office in mind. We think it’s a brilliant top to wear around the office on Fridays! Everyone loves a Friday, and there’s always a count down to the weekend. This design showcases that. We think it would be popular among the tech world, but these days everyone is quite technological!


More Wine Less Whine T-Shirt

We are wine drinkers at Lush. We love white, we love red. You can’t get enough Pinot Grigio, and our choice for red has to be a nice glass, or bottle depending on how the day has been, of Brunello. One thing nobody likes is the whines of those miserable people. There’s a solution…Wine! 😉 If you are with us and believe wine is the answer, then this will suit you to a tee.


Fuck Definition T-Shirt

If you just fancy being offensive and having a really naughty phrase on your shirt, the Fuck Definition Shirt is the one to wear. Fuck, FAAK, can be used in many ways and is probably the only fucking word that can be put every fuckingwhere and still makes fucking sense. Fuckers. Have we said enough bad words yet?

All these designs and more are available to buy right now! You’ll find them in our Funny T Shirts Collection pages, in sizes small to XXL and most designs are available in an impressive 10 different colour options.

Have a Lush day :) xoxo <3