Cool Costumes For Halloween?

Pop Culture

Halloween is coming up, so we’re thinking what costumes are cool? Back in the olden days it was all about getting dressed up in tacky, novelty style of scary costumes. Paint your face white like a ghost, get some red blood-like paint going on, and your done right? Well times have changed, and it’s actually about seeing who can come up with the most original outfit, and people are now spending small fortunes on this one night of dressing up!

We don’t like to do things the usual way, and even though you’re supposed to be scary there are other things to go to a Halloween party as. We prefer to have a bit of fun, and if we’re forced to dress up, it’s going to be something geeky or cool, with plenty of pop culture mixed in. Here’s a couple of ideas which we’re thinking of.

turtles-cossyThe Turtles! Or to give them their full name: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Or as we knew them as in the UK if you were a fan of the cartoons, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. You can get these costumes, T-Shirts or even make your own. They’re not the most difficult, as long as you have something green you’re all set! 😀 The only thing left to do is to decide whether you’re a Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo or Raphael.

mk-costumes Do you recognise these costumes? If you had a SNES or Megadrive in the mid 90s and liked fighting games you might! They are dressed up as the characters from Mortal Kombat. What a great idea to go as Mortal Kombat, where the majority of people in the room will not understand who you are or why you’re dressed like Scorpion, Johnny Cage or Sub Zero. Definitely a niche amongst gaming fans.

sk-costumesSticking with the gaming theme this is one of our favourite ideas. Can you tell what it is yet? We’re talking about Street Fighter! This is perfect if you’re going to a party as a group, and there’s plenty of characters for all. The U.S. Marine Guile, Chung Li, go green for Blanka and what about Ryu and Ken. This has got to be one of our favourite ideas for getting dressed up if you’re in a group of people, the hardest decision is deciding who will be who. You have to play along and stay in character, so there should be plenty of Hadouken and air kicks going on.

Not A Fan of Playing Dress Up? Get A Halloween T-Shirt

If the art of dressing up is passing you by, and you still want something to wear over the festive night then one of our Halloween T Shirts should do the trick. They’re ideal for those who are lazy, can’t be bothered to get dressed up, or just think the night is pretty much a sham. If you’ve got a sense of humour you’ll easily be able to pull one of our designs off, and we have a few to choose from. If you’re known as the sarcastic one in your party then continue the trend and wear a tee.